TV Show Reviews

Stranger Things-Review (Spoiler Abundant)

I know lately my blog posts have revolved around either photography related posts, cooking and some random stuff, now I've decided to take a break from it and go on with some of the reviews of my favorite tv shows. In case you've missed, my last post featured Forty Something review, a British comedy set in… Continue reading Stranger Things-Review (Spoiler Abundant)

TV Show Reviews

Aşk Laftan Anlamaz-Review (Spoiler Free)

Hey guys! Time for my next review post and this time it's Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (Love doesn't understand words). I started watching it because it had very high ratings and also I love trying new stuff and so I got my sister to download it and we watched. So Aşk Laftan Anlamaz is a Turkish romantic comedy starring… Continue reading Aşk Laftan Anlamaz-Review (Spoiler Free)

Travel Blog

Travel Diaries #1

Hello Guys! So it's time for my first travel post. Well it's not really a big destination, I went there for my college's research work, but I felt that I should share this on my diary. So I actually went to India Gate, New Delhi for my assignment (Don't Ask). This is just a small… Continue reading Travel Diaries #1

TV Show Reviews

Forty Something – Review

You know that thing when you imagine what would happen if 2 big stars ever came together and did a show? Well it still hasn't happened yet. Who wouldn't want to know what would happen if Sherlock Holmes ever came to get treatment from Dr. Gregory House. xD. Well Forty something did give us a… Continue reading Forty Something – Review


Nature Photography #5 – Monochrome

Monochrome color scheme is something that really fascinates me. On one hand it gives a sense of mystery, suspense to the picture and on the other it also tells a story. It gives an old feel (lol) to the picture, something vintage, something representing 80's. For me, it's mostly the former feeling. I find them really fascinating.… Continue reading Nature Photography #5 – Monochrome

Food Blog

Food Blog #2 – The Magic Pasta

So time for my second food blog post. This time its a pasta. I don't have a name for it, let's call it "The Magic Pasta". Now it's a fairly simple pasta recipe and I don't actually remember the quantity of ingredients I added, coz I keep adding stuff on my liking. Ingredients- 200gms Macaroni… Continue reading Food Blog #2 – The Magic Pasta


#1 Nature Photography 4.0

I was just getting bored yesterday so naturally I just took the camera out and took some random nature shots in my garden. As explained before, I have a thing for details. There's just something in nature's intricacy that mesmerises the soul, well atleast mine. These details often tell stories of the flower/leaf/etc. I managed… Continue reading #1 Nature Photography 4.0

Hair trouble

The constant hair trouble

Being a guy in 2017, it’s a must to have a good cut hairstyle or you’re considered a noob/ nerd/ or any other opposite of cool, fun, etc. There are just so many hairstyles to choose from, although they all look the same, LOL. I still don’t understand how they’re different. One very common hairstyle… Continue reading The constant hair trouble

TV Show Reviews

I was Feeling Epic

Watching TV Shows has been a big part of my life and today my favorite TV series ended. The name of my blog is inspired from, my fake name on this blog is from the show.... I think I owe a final review of this amazing show to my blog and I reserved this day… Continue reading I was Feeling Epic


Photography 3.0 Jodhpur throwback

Time for another photography post on my blog. So three years ago me and my family went to Jodhpur. It is a city in the Thar Desert of the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan. It’s the second largest city in Rajasthan. So my review of the place, first review is the place is hot. Pretty… Continue reading Photography 3.0 Jodhpur throwback

Texting Problems

The Phase- Eating up the vowels.

We all know the 'various' kinds of phases while growing up. There's phase 1, where you actually start trying to be cool, that's the start of puberty. Then there's phase 2 when you join every possible social media website, coz you're (you think) an adult now (at 14). Then there's phase 3, using weird language… Continue reading The Phase- Eating up the vowels.