My Photography

So here’s my first post on my photography skills. First things first I’m not a photographer, neither a photography student nor ever did a photography course. So this all is just fun photography that I do and want to share.

So why I do this? Well I like clicking pictures, is that a good enough reason to show my clicks? Whenever I’m out with my family at vacations I’m the official photographer. Even at family functions, I’m hired (but not paid, lol).

I like taking macroshots. Being a biology student at school I fancy the finer details of things around me and I love capturing them. Especially flowers. I remember back in school days we had to dissect different kinds of flowers to study their structure. Since then, they’ve always fascinated me. I clicked images of interiors of flowers, their details and some random shots. These all are clicked using Oppo F1 Plus smartphone.

Hope you guys will like it.

All images Copyright- TheKayasthaJournal2017



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