Flash S03E14- Review

So I just watched the 14th episode of The Flash and let me just say it was everything but good. Flash series started off as supernatural phenomenon’s explained in terms of science. Well to be honest I was a little skeptical at first but then I really liked it. But recent episodes have been a big failure. I mean Grodd attack on Central city? Are the makers literally out of content for the show. Sorry for being harsh but it was kinda kiddish (not kinda but actually was). Gorilla attack is definitely not expected from a show that has theories to satisfy intergalactic teleportation’s.

Ok for once we can consider the idea of having a gorilla episode because Grodd has been a pretty crucial villain since season 1, specially his and Kaitlyn’s bond. It was good but then all of a sudden they brought Hatred for human in Grodd. Not acceptable.

Now let’s just consider it acceptable for a while, then answer me this, why didn’t flash stop him?(or any other ‘speedster’ for that matter). I mean it’s a show on him, about him, for him! He’s the superhero of that universe, then why didn’t he stop Grodd instead they brought another gorilla from some other earth to fight him. Is flash now incapable of fighting people? Well maybe the makers need to make a serious note of that. And I still don’t understand the deliberate need of have kid flash in the series.

I am so disappointed with the episode.

Well that’s my review. Be sure to leave your thoughts on the episode below. 🙂

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