The Phase- Eating up the vowels.

We all know the ‘various’ kinds of phases while growing up. There’s phase 1, where you actually start trying to be cool, that’s the start of puberty. Then there’s phase 2 when you join every possible social media website, coz you’re (you think) an adult now (at 14). Then there’s phase 3, using weird language while texting just to look cool. More phases exist depending on the person, but the last of them all is the phase where you look back at your past and realise what a douche you’ve been. I’m 18 now and I’m in that last phase and that’s what forced me to write this post.

Back in school times, when I had recently joined social media websites, I was so not accustomed to the ways of chatting. One term, ‘abbreviation’s’ was very new to me. I remember one time I was chatting with one of my classmates, my first chat, I was I think 13 back then, so the conversation went like…

(random kiddy stuff)

Friend- U dnt use abrvtns?

I was literally stunned after reading that sentence because I understood nothing. It was that phase of growing up where we eat up the vowels in words. I had no clue of this kind of a thing. Luckily my sister was right by my side, looking at my chats (problems of having an elder spooking and spying sister). She was the one who told me that that weird ‘abrvtns’ actually means abbreviations. But that didn’t help the case because my vocabulary back then was weak, still is. Then she told me it means short forms. I was like, ok like SMS? My sister gave me a weird look.

“No silly, abbreviations in the sense to write words with only the required alphabets”

Then I replied to the chat

“No I don’t use abrvtns” (To actually mock my friend)

After this was over I actually realized that there is a different language when it comes to typing, and the basic rule of it is to eat up vowels. I don’t understand the point of it though.

1-There are two types of people in social media.

2-Thr r 2 typs f ppl n scl mdia.

Often this sort of way of writing actually confuses me that what exactly the person is trying to say.

Like recently one of my college classmate, she also has a habit of wrtng ths wy (writing this way). We actually had to go and buy some fabric for some assignment. I was going to buy it, there she messaged me:

“2m fbrc lne joge” (Tum fabric lene jaoge?, its means, ‘will you go to buy fabric?’)

Now that ‘2m’ actually meant ‘tum’ which is hindi for ‘you’ but because of the way she typed, I thought she wrote ‘2 metres’ and this changed the meaning of entire sentence, will you buy 2 metres? What does that even mean! And so I didn’t get what she was trying to say and so I didn’t even bother to reply her.

Now that gets confusing. There’s no problem in maybe eating up some of the aphabets or using abbreviations for words like ‘u’ for ‘you’, ‘r’ for ‘are’, ‘ur’ for ‘your and ‘u’re’ for ‘you’re’ but just for the sake of using abbreviations and then abbreviating every damn word, that’s where it actually gets confusing.

I mean u do undrstnd wht I’m tryin 2 say here, but you dnt ndrstnd wt m trn 2 sy hr.

That’s the problem.


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