I was Feeling Epic

Watching TV Shows has been a big part of my life and today my favorite TV series ended. The name of my blog is inspired from, my fake name on this blog is from the show…. I think I owe a final review of this amazing show to my blog and I reserved this day specially for this post.

It was an epic ending to an epic show. I loved how they tied all the loose ends back together. The huge twist to the expected death of Bonnie, and how Enzo pushes her back to life. The way they showed the entire Benett Witch Bloodline coming together and stopping the hellfire, once again. Entry of the supreme villain, Katherine Pierce, trying to avenge her death. It was all wonderful.

Good parts-

  • Stefan finally marrying the love of his life (although it was episode 15, but it was continuation of the same day)
  • Bonnie being a witch again.
  • A Benett witch saving Mystic Falls, yet again, for the last time.
  • Caroline’s final goodbye to Stefan (I cried so much).
  • Stefan and Lexi’s reunion in peace.
  • Damon and Elena’s Reunion.
  • Vicky Donovan finally opening up to her father and brother.
  • Damon and Elena finally having a long human life together.
  • Damon Reuniting with Stefan after finding peace and Elena reuniting with Jenna and her mom n dad.
  • Bonnie finally having the life that Enzo always wanted for her.
  • And entry of ALL THE CHARACTERS OF TVD for one last time! (Tyler, Vicky, Elizabeth, Joe, Sheila, Jeremy)

Bad Parts-(I dont want to mention these, but I dont want my review to be biased)

  • Too many open ends and too less time, i.e 43 mins
  • Episode was a little rushed towards the end.
  • My personal view, entry of Katherine was really unnecessary, they could’ve had a good finale without her.
  • The forced death of a character, Stefan. I think Julie Plec just wanted to kill someone.
  • Caroline is the only remaining vampire and she’s all alone now as all of her friends have found peace.
  • They could’ve given 2 episodes to Nina, rather than just the finale.
  • And Nina! What was that wig???

But whatever the scenario might have been, it was an amazing end. I’m gonna miss TVD so much, so bad. It was the first American Show I started watching and it was very hard for me to say goodbye. I cried so much watching it and I’m still tearing up a bit as I type.

At this point one song, by Miley Cyrus, I’ll Always Remember You,  fits so perfectly.

The Vampire Diaries, 8 seasons, 171 episodes, You’ve been amazing, I’ll miss you so much.

For over a century I’ve lived in secret. Hiding in the shadows, Alone in the world. Until Now. I’m a Vampire. And this is my story.


2 thoughts on “I was Feeling Epic

  1. I used to like Vampire duties for a time!Then it became repetitive and boring!The end was a bittersweet ending!Do you watch The Originals which is a spin off from the Vampire diaries?

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