The constant hair trouble

Being a guy in 2017, it’s a must to have a good cut hairstyle or you’re considered a noob/ nerd/ or any other opposite of cool, fun, etc. There are just so many hairstyles to choose from, although they all look the same, LOL. I still don’t understand how they’re different. One very common hairstyle style that everyone has seen is hair stand/ wax stand/ or whatever to call it. Then people also get undercut, that’s also something. Well one definitely looks good when they have this kind of a hairstyle but problem comes here, how to get it?

Everytime I go to any, decent, hair salon, I ask my barber and here’s how the conversation goes:

Me- I want to have a good hairstyle.

Barber- Your hair are very thick and heavy and too many.

(wait what? Too many? Is that even a thing to worry about?…. anyhoo the conversation continues

Me- Is that a problem?

B- Well I can give you undercut at side, then merge your hair from back and other side, (continues with explaining the haircut, I only get like 67% of what he says)

M- Uh kay fine, do whatever you want to but just make it look good.

After like 15 minutes when my haircut is done, he goes somewhere and brings a weird small container with white fluid, takes out a teaspoon of it, rubs in his both hands and then juggles it in my head.

B- Now you’ll have to use hair wax to maintain this kind of a hairstyle.

M- Okay, give me that.

I buy it and go home. Next day I use it, try the similar hand movements that my barber did….but let’s just say I get a result exactly opposite of what I desired for. My hair look like as if couple of pigeons just came and played in it. :/

Then I wait for like 2 months to get another haircut. This time I go to another barber.

M- I want a good hairstyle

B- You can’t have the hairstyle you’re looking for (well that’s honest, let’s see what else he has to say)

Your hair have huge volume (is that a bad thing?), you need to get the texture of your hair changed to get good wax stands hairstyle.

M- (Wow) ok let’s just get on with the cut, we’ll see later

Haircut happens, this time he also brings some container, takes out, rubs it on my hair, uses his blowdryer and tad-d-dah ! I have great hair, but for how long….. 24 hours, or until I take my next shower. :/

This has happened so many times that I’ve almost given up on the desire to have a good hair, let’s just say there are people like me who can’t have it.

But seriously when I look back to the moments of me trying to get it, they’re funny as hell.

Well now while I’m sitting and writing this post I have horrible hair. Some of them are going to my left, some towards right, let’s just say it’s horrible. Now I have only one choice left, try ponytail hair styles because for someone with hair like me, that’s the ‘only’ style we can have.


3 thoughts on “The constant hair trouble

  1. Take heart, it’s the same with me though I’m a woman. I never know what I’m going to land with. Sometimes I’m pleased with a haircut, at other times cursed. The minute I wash my hair, it goes in all directions, and looks all wrong. I end up with very short hair, till it takes me months to grow. The above saga begins all over again. Sheen.

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