Talk about my Best Friend

15th April 2014 : Katherine 2.0

So I made my blog to write about stuff that a guy might in his diary, and no diary is complete without the mention of the person’s best friends. So I saved this day to write about one of my two best friends. I’m gonna give her the name Katherine, because I know she would hate this name(maybe).

I remember, 15th April 2014, I had just shifted to a new place and it was my first day of senior school. I went in the school and in the reception when I was trying to find my class, my mom asked Katherine’s mom if she knew. (My mom actually saw her and Katherine during the entrance so she(my mom) thought that she(K’s Mom) might know the class) There her mother replied to me, it was an epic reply,

“You see that big girl over there? Follow her”

Big Girl! Like Big girl xD xD. I didn’t laugh at that moment because I was already so nervous about the first day, but later when I thought of the moment, I couldn’t stop laughing, like right now I’m laughing xD. (I know you might think that what’s so funny about it but if you’ll see her, then you will realize why I laugh, and I know she’s gonna kill me after reading this, so sorry!)

My friendship with Katherine was not that strong in the first year but in my final year of school, we became so close and today when I look back, her friendship is one of the best things that happened to me. I remember every day when it was lunch time, we’d always run quickly and go and hide at our ‘hiding spot’ so no one could find us, and luckily no one ever found.

I remember once in my senior year, she and I got a little late after lunch and the class had started. The teacher who’s class it was, was super strict and she’s really strict about punctuality. We knew we were in so much trouble when we saw her standing at the other end of the corridor almost about to enter the class. We ran like hell fire was after us and almost fell inside the class just a few seconds before she entered. During the class we DID NOT look at each other coz we knew if we would’ve we wouldn’t have stopped laughing!. It was such as epic rush. xD

I’ve had some of my best moments with Katherine and some unforgettable ones too! She’s my best friend, mentor(at times), mom, sister, guardian angel, all at the same time. And she wrote me this amazing letter for my birthday, which she actually gave me 6 months before xD but I pretended to read it again at my birthday.

One of the things she wrote and this is what it is-

“… if I ever become a douchebag who forgets to call or accidently sees a message and doesn’t reply, it’s not coz I don’t want to but because I have so many things to handle on my own. So all I’m saying is if it ever happens, just call me and yell at me for being stupid instead of never talking to me again…”

I know you’re gonna read this kat, so here’s my reply… don’t message or text me but just for once if I ever, just ever ask you to listen to a song…just listen to it ‘then’ and reply ‘then’ instead of after a month. XD

(oh and sorry for taking that pic without asking you)



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