Forty Something – Review

You know that thing when you imagine what would happen if 2 big stars ever came together and did a show? Well it still hasn’t happened yet. Who wouldn’t want to know what would happen if Sherlock Holmes ever came to get treatment from Dr. Gregory House. xD. Well Forty something did give us a little peek into what would happen but it’s not quiet like it because then Benedict and Hugh were not for who we know them today. It was the start of their career.

So Forty Something is a 2003 british comedy series set in London. It is actually a light hearted comedy family drama where all the members of the family have one thing missing in their life and that is a good sex. I know right xD. Hilarious. It’s a 6 episode series starring Hugh Laurie as Paul Slippery, a doctor facing mid life crisis (divorce, etc), Anna Chancellor as Estelle, his wife, The three sons, Bendict Cumberbatch as Rory, a student at a fictitious university at Reigate,  Neil Henry as Daniel and Joe Van Moyland as Edwin,both sex-obsessed. The best part being that Paul seems to hear inner thoughts of others.

A real brief about what happens in the series is-

Episode 1- Paul wakes with an apparent ability to hear one’s thoughts.He can’t remember stuff like his wedding aniversary or when was the last time he had sex. Rory suspects that Daniel is trying to steal his estranged girlfriend Laura. Meanwhile Estelle finds out that her new job magically disappeared and she leaves a message on Rory’s phone that leads Paul to suspect that she’s a lesbian.

Episode 2-Paul resolves to have sex with estelle and cooks an erotic dinner for her. Paul finds new job. Edwin gets a new shipment of sex toys. Laura moves in with Daniel only to find out that his former girlfriend Lucy has returned from Thailand. Lucy, who is Laura’s sister, find her in Daniels T and so calls her dad.  Paul tries to avoid a medical examination of Mr Proek’s (Laura and Lucy’s father) bottom by pretending to be a Dutch doctor whenever Mr Proek calls.

Episode 3- Lucy and Laura both are sleeping at Slippery House. Meanwhile, Rory realizes he has feelings for Lucy. Dr Pilfrey continues his fixation with Estelle and, as Estelle reveals to Paul, regularly e-mails her love letters. Edwin replies to one of the e-mails as Estelle and tells Dr Pilfrey that she is in love with him. Edwin arrives at the clinic in a suit for lunch with Paul and is mistaken by Dr Pilfrey as a National Health Service Inspector.

Episode 4-Edwin purchases a herbal aphrodisiac containing essence of “rudeberry” and convinces Rory, Daniel, Lucy, Laura, and their cousin, Woj, to pull a con on Paul. Paul pays Edwin for the whole bottle and mistakenly puts it in Estelle’s prawn sandwich.  Laura reconsiders her relationship with Daniel, and meanwhile Rory and Edwin express their disapproval to Daniel for coercing her into getting the tattoo (She got a tattoo of Daniel’s name on her bottom). In order to hear Estelle’s speech at a women-only meeting, Paul dons a Burkha and goes in disguise as “Yasmin”.

Episode 5- Paul accidentally attends an AA meeting. Thinking Estelle is having affairs with all of his oldest friends, Paul makes a play for fellow GP, Surinder. Estelle surprises Paul with a party where his friends believe they are staging an intervention. Lucy and Laura respectively break up with Rory and Daniel. Daniel’s company makes a visit to Rory’s homeless shelter.

Episode 6- DAniel and Rory move out of the house, and affected Estelle moves in with her boss, Gwendolen. To get his wife back, Paul asks Dr. Pilfrey to hypnotize him, instead he hypnotizes Paul to cluck like a chicken whenever Paul gets in touch with someone. Edwin and Woj begin a sexual relationship. Laura reunites with Rory, and Lucy reunites with Daniel, and Estelle reunites with paul, all returning to their original relationships from the beginning of the series.

The series did not score so well on it’s time but now that Benedict and Hugh are so big stars, this series is doing much well on DVD and that’s exactly why I also watched it.

So take time out and watch them, you surely wont regret it.

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