Stranger Things-Review (Spoiler Abundant)

I know lately my blog posts have revolved around either photography related posts, cooking and some random stuff, now I’ve decided to take a break from it and go on with some of the reviews of my favorite tv shows. In case you’ve missed, my last post featured Forty Something review, a British comedy set in London and Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, a turkish Rom-Com. So now this post is about Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American Supernatural Horror show, set in an imaginary town of Hawkins, Indiana in 1980’s the show focuses on investigation of disappearance of a young boy named Will, at the same time when a secret part of US Government accidentally opens a portal to the ‘Upside Down’, a fictitious second dimension and also a psychokinetic buzz cut girl appears in the town out of nowhere.

The girl, called eleven, meets the three friends, Mike, Lucas and Dustin while they were searching for Will. Eleven stays at Mike’s house and is called ‘El’ by the friends. She informs them that some bad people are behind her and after saying so she recognizes Will in one of the photographs. Soon after Will’s disappearance, Barb, Nancy’s(Mike’s sister) best friend, also disappears while she was sitting by the pool during her friends house party. It’s assumed that they have been taken to ‘Upside Down’. Joyce (Will’s Mom) puts lights all around the house because she feels that Will is trying to communicate with her through turning them on or off. Jonathan( Will’s brother) started taking photographs of woods and forests and surrounding areas and he was able to capture Barb’s disappearance. When Nancy saw the picture, she realised that the creature has taken barb and it’s the same one that’s communicating with Joyce and not Will.

Next day they find a body in a nearby water source and it’s supposedly of Will, however, El proves that he’s alive by establishing a connection with him via Mike’s Walkie-Talkie. Jonathan and Nancy decide to search the woods for Barb and accidentally find the portal to the other dimension. Nancy gets trapped inside but Jonathan manages to pull her out before the demon could. The kids’ science teacher explains to them that a high-energy spacetime tear could create a passage between dimensions. Lucas gets pissed with Mike and Dustin and decides to go alone, when he does he sees the government agents coming for eleven. He tells Mike that the government agents are coming. Mike, Dustin and El run, and she uses her psychokinetic abilities to deviate the government cars. They reach the school and hide and ask Eleven to search for Will and Barb, but her earlier feats have left her too weak to find them. To amplify Eleven’s powers, they break into the middle school and build a sensory-deprivation tank. Meanwhile Joyce along with Hopper (the Sheriff of town) manage to break-in the government lab and enter the Upside Down and start searching for Will, only to find a dead corpse of Barb with a slug like creature coming out of her mouth. In the school, the military breaks in and surround the kids along with El, but she kills them all depriving her of her powers. The demon escapes and enters the school trying to kill the kids, but Eleven forces herself to use all of her remaining powers, thereby creating an explosion. Once the fog clears there’s no sign of either Eleven or the Demigorgan. Will is recovered from the Upside Down alive. Things go back to normal, however Will gets a vision of Upside Down, but he hasn’t told his family yet.

So that’s 8 episodes summed up in a long paragraph.

My review-  It’s a great show and you should definitely watch it. If you’re a fan of science fiction and a tiny bit of horror then I’m sure you’d love it.

My Ratings- 4/5

Stay tuned for I would soon post some of my reviews on some recent horror movies.

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