Prank ‘n’ Birthday

Hi guys and Happy April 1st! Lol well Happy April Fools day. God this day used to mean so much back in school. I remember it was a life and death situation when we had to prank our closest friends. There used to be so much discussion with the other close friends, so many plans, ideas, and it was so much fun.

I remember back in school we pulled a prank on my History teacher, it was also her birthday. It was the first day of High school and me and my friends we decided to go and tell our teacher that the HOD had called her specially for an urgent meeting. She was taking a class so we hesitated but we did tell her and she ran towards to HOD room. We don’t really know what happened in there but after like 10 mins she came back, all furious, it seemed as if she is ready to stab us all. But before she started shouting we all started singing the birthday song for her and maybe then her anger passed, or maybe it was after seeing the chocolate cake. Who knows? But she did yell a tiny bit afterwards but it was all fun and we all laughed so yay. xD. Speaking of which, I wanna wish her Happy Birthday!

So something really interesting happened a day before, my best friend (not Kat, other one, I’ll soon post about him) messaged me “I dont wanna talk to you anymore, please don’t back-stab, if you have anything just say on my face” I was literally shocked, I was like “What the hell’s wrong with you?” and then I called… and he’s a real bad actor and he couldn’t pull off the ‘supposed’ prank and he failed and told me straight off that it was a prank. It’s actually a message going viral on whatsapp.

So taking inspiration from it I just messaged Kat a carefully worded text…and I’m just so excited to see what she replies. I know you’re reading it, and I’m sorry if you felt bad but in all fairness it’s April Fool’s Day! lol.

Have a great day guys, next review post coming up in a few hours.


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