White Collar – Review (Spoilers)

Hi guys, so today it’s time for White Collar Review. It is a USA Network Series created by Jess Eastin, starring Tim DeKay as FBI Special Agent Peter Burke, Matt Bomer as Neil Caffery, a highly intelligent and multi-talented con artist working as Burke’s criminal informant.


Synopsis of the show-

The show starts by Neil on the run and FBI chasing him. In the past it was always Peter Burke who caught him and this time too. In return for his freedom he agrees to be Burke’s criminal informant and wearing an anklet which is a tracker so he can never go as far away as 2 kms from FBI’s HQ. Initially very cautious about Neil’s actions, Peter quickly found that he provided insight and intuition that couldn’t be found on the right side of the law.

Soon Neil and Peter created an outstanding record within White Collar crimes Unit and laid the foundation of a deep friendship. Neil’s best friend Mozzie was also the backbone of solving some of the A-list cases. However once a con, always a con, Peter was always a little skeptical when it came to give confidential information to Neil, when through his help he was able to solve some high profile cases, however, his methods have endangered both his friends and colleagues and drew increased scrutiny from higher officials.

Neil did earn a chance to get his sentence commuted but when he got to know about the terms and how they are not in his favor he decided to do what he was left with, he ran, again leaving him on the chase by the FBI. For the last time when Peter caught him, he and Neil teamed up and caught Neil’s all time nemesis Matthew Keller. However while catching him Neil takes a bullet and dies.

But did he really? He did pull off some amazing tricks throughout the series. Well he’s not. It was his final heist, his biggest heist where he faked his death. The saddest part being that neither Mozz nor Peter where in on it, for them he’s dead.

My Rating- 4/5

It’s a very intelligently made show and it’s a pleasure to see how Neil pulls off all his heists. There are some amazing funny moments too. The show is over now so you don’t have o binge watch it but once you start you won’t be able to stop.

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