One Month-versary

Hi guys! It’s my One Month-versary. I can’t believe that it’s been a month since I’m blogging now. Oh also this is the first post I’m doing via phone so pardon me for the typos or any errors.

So I remember the concept of blogging came to me when I had to do it as part of an assignment. So Kat and I, we started out individual blogs together. My one being a research blog where’s Kat started her proper personal blog and it’s great! I’m sorry I can’t expose it since everything has to be anon. So once my module got over I decided to start my own personal blog and so TheGuyDiaries was born.

Since it’s anon, I haven’t told anyone about it…. Literally no one knows not even my parents. Only Kat does. I’m gonna break this to them after a little while.

My experience of blogging?  Well to be honest it takes time and effort. I mean every day I have to think what should I post on my blog and it’s a difficult task because I want people to like what I post. It’s a pretty big job to handle a blog and be active with it. I’m really enjoying it and I am usually excited when my post goes up because I want people to see what I’ve written.

So I really can’t believe that my diary has 17 followers and 500+ views within 31 days. Thank you so much guys! Thank you for your love and support and hope you are enjoying what I post. I really want to keep this blog as casual and I can.

One thing I wanna tell you all is soon I would be starting some fashion related posts too because I want to start my fashion blog. Hope you guys will enjoy it too and please tell me your views regarding it and also how far have you liked my blog! I would really appreciate it :).

And thank you all :* once again for everything! 🙂 🙂 ❤ Next review post will be up a little late (so sorry, I was busy helping my mom pack as she’s leaving tomorrow)



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