The Insidious Series

“It’s time to go into the further….”

Since a child I was the most scared kid. I was afraid of almost anything and everything. For some strange reason I craved for more fear. lol. That’s why I think I have such a thing for horror films. I am the first one to watch them and then I can’t get up in the middle of the night to pee. So I have a collection of some good grade horror films so I feel I should write about them in my diary.

This post is about review of Insidious series by James Wan and Leigh Whanell. There are three films in the franchise, Insidious (2010), Insidious Chapter 2 (2013), and Insidious Chapter 3 (2015), which have grossed a total of $357.7 million worldwide.

There is a very specific reason why I like this series specially. It’s because they went out of the mainstream concept of ghosts wandering the earth. I love their concept of the further, astral projection and all, it’s too sciency and I like it. This in turn actually makes it even scarier. I wonder what if I wake up in the middle of my night in the further, far away from my body.

So the first 2 films are related and are about a boy who had the inherent capability of astral projection and entering The Further. In the first film, the boy, Dalton Lambert, goes into a comatosed sleep while his spirit is lost in the Further, making his body an open vessel for other spirits to inhabit. This begins the horror in Lambert Residence. In order to save him, his father, Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson), who had this ability but was made to forget it via hypnotism, decides to go there. Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) a parapsychologist reminds him of his ability and then he enters the other world and brings him back. While returning to his own body, Josh comes across the Bride in Black who used to haunt him when he was a child. He tries to get rid of it but is unable to and instead of him, the bride’s spirit (Parker Crane) enters Josh’ body, Elise figures it out immediately but before she could tell anyone she is killed by Josh.

In Chapter 2, Renai (Rose Byrne), Josh’s wife, suspects that something is off about her husband and so she and Lorraine (Barbara Hershey), Josh’s Mom, contact Elise’s support staff and old friend Carl (Steve Coulter). With their help they’re able to track down Parker Crane’s home and his history, while His mother is haunting the Lambert’s old residence, where the family is living after the happening. As soon as They figure out about Parker Crane inhabiting the body, Carl, Tucker and Specs (Elise’s Associates) decide to capture him, but they fail, leaving Carl partially dead, and so he enters the other world and see’s Josh and finds Elise, who tells him that he still has a chance to survive but before that they have to save Josh’ spirit from Parker Crane. Meanwhile Renai and Lorraine enter the house thinking Josh has been tranquilized but instead get trapped and are chased by Josh. The kids enter the house and save Lorraine and hide in the basement, where Dalton decides to enter the world and save his dad. Josh enters the basement and is about to kill sleeping Dalton but in the other world, Elise manages to destroy the soul of Parker’s Mom, thereby free’ing his spirit and letting Josh enter his body. Carl returns to his body and Elise is again lost in the Furthur. Lambert family is also reunited.

In Chapter 3, its a story of Elise much before she cameInsidious_–_Chapter_3_poster across the Lambert Haunting. It shows the time when she actually gave up on her abilities since the death of her husband. Stefanie Scott as Quinn Brenner, daughter of Sean and Lillith and sister of Alex arrives at her doorstep and asks her to make contact with her dead mom. Elise refuses but the night she see’s Quinn and an evil spirit behind her in her room. This wakes her up and she decides to help Quinn. Like Dalton, Quinn also goes into a comatosed sleep while her spirit is in possession of some evil spirit who came when she was trying to contact her mom. Elise saves her and also finds her mother in the other world and it’s then that she comes across Tucker and Specs and decides go resume her work.

My rating- It’s an intelligently made film and it’s not a typical horror movie cliche with disgusting faces and sudden appearance of the ghost to scare you off. I think it’s a one time watch definitely.

I rate it 3/5.





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