Get to Know me tag

Hi everyone! Time for my first tag – The Get to Know Me tag. I was nominated by Vikki@meandmymundanelife. Thank you so much the tag and guys do check out the blog for some amazing collection of books.



NAME: Well the blog is anonymous so I can’t mention it.
NICKNAMES: Silas (In blog), Bunny (Real Life)
BIRTHDAY: 18th January
OCCUPATION: Fashion Design Student



HAIR COLOR: Super Black. Although I’m thinking of coloring them.
HAIR LENGTH: Long as compared to most guys. Last night one of my hair come off and it was around 12 cms.

EYE COLOR: Light brown under sunlight otherwise black.
BEST FEATURE: My disproportionately placed teeth. :/, Lol joke…people say its my eyes..
BRACES: Yep, it’s been 3 months now.
RIGHT OR LEFT: Right handed through and through.



REAL HOLIDAY: Too many don’t remember the first one. It probably would be meeting my grandparents. Don’t know if I went willingly.
BEST FRIEND: Many. But my favorite ones are Kat and Matt. (Anon names)
AWARD: Won many painting awards but they were mostly stupid ones.
SPORT: As suggested by the name of my site, Weird teen boy…. I was never the sport guy.
CONCERT: Nope. But it’s my dream to watch Celine Dion at Las Vegas live.



TV SHOW: Yikes, that’s a LATQ btw. There are just so many! Modern Family, The Vampire Diaries, Flash, Stranger Things, The Originals, White Collar, Sleepy Hollow, Ask Laftan Anlamaz, many more.

COLOR: Black, Jet Black, Matt Black, Charcoal Black, Should I name more?
SONG: It changes everytime some new songs come out. Currently Favorite is Hold On by Chord Overstreet.
RESTAURANT: Barbequenation. World’s Best Prawns. And Carls Jr.
SHOP: H&M, Zara, Splash, Forever 21. I’m too high maintenance.
BOOKS: Last time I opened a book other than my course book was maybe my last birth. SHOES: Cowboy boots and Loafers.



FEELING: Feeling dirty, haven’t taken a shower yet.
SINGLE OR TAKEN: Single and I intend to stay that way as long as possible.
EATING: Rather drinking cola.
THINKING ABOUT: What micro area should I take for my research assignment!
WATCHING: Modern Family. It’s playing in the background as I type.
WEARING: An oversized very comfortable Tee with Minions shorts.



WANT TO BE MARRIED: Not as of now.
CAREERS IN MIND: Lets not talk about it.
WHERE YOU WANT TO LIVE: Far Far away from my family/relatives. Somewhere with a nice beach.



GOD: NO. I do believe in nature and that it has a balance that has to be maintained and when it is interrupted, nature acts out. I don’t believe in personifying that energy.
MIRACLES: No. Not really.
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Again no. It just doesn’t seem likely.
GHOSTS: No, but I’m the most scared guy when sun goes down.
ALIENS: Yea, I mean Universe is a vast place and there’sno prove tht Earth is the only life supporting planet.
HEAVEN: Not really.
HELL: Not really
KISSING ON THE FIRST DATE: I haven’t had one so NO.
YOURSELF: Sort of… ya.

Sorry no nominations from my side. I did enjoy answering the questions. Thank you so much Vikki again for the nomination. 🙂


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