(Legend of) Sleepy Hollow – Review

Hey everyone, It’s time for the next review post. This is about Sleepy Hollow, based on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irwin, with some added concepts from “Rip Van Winkle” also by Irving. The show is a mix of supernatural and horror.

SYNOPSIS (Last 3 seasons)-

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), a double agent for George Washington, dies in a battle in 1781 after beheading a horseman. To his surprise he wakes up in a dungeon in 2013 and meets Lt. Abigail Mills. Soon both of them realise that they are witnesses and they are to stop the ‘End of Days’. As he wakes, so do the four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Should the beheaded horseman get his head back, or his master “Moloch” be released from purgatory. Soon he finds out that the headless horseman is none other than Abraham Von Brunt, the Horse of war is none other than his son, Jeremy Crane/Henry Parish, and also that his wife was a witch who has been trapped in the purgatory for saving him. They manage to defeat Moloch, but at the cost of releasing everything trapped in Purgatory, including demons looking for a replacement for Moloch. Henry gets Katrina to side with him to awaken the descendants of their coven, but both are regretfully killed by Crane.


In the passing months, Crane finds out that Moloch was first of the ‘Seven Tribulations’. The second one comes as Pandora and her master “The Hidden One“. To destroy her, Crane gives the horseman his head but it is destroyed as it gets sucked into her box. The final battle to defeat her cost Abigail her life. Months after Abbie’s demise, Crane finds out that the soul of witness gets transferred into a next person and since then he has been searching for him/her.

My Review- The show started off great. I liked the concept, I hadn’t heard about The witness, Horsemen of Apocalypse, nor read the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. By the end of season 2 things were going awesome.The first two seasons are relatively horror so that’s why I enjoyed them. However, during season 3, a certain monotony came in the episodes and I sort of lost interest in it and then Abbie dies so I decided not to watch season 4.

But I recently found out that Janina Gavankar joined the show as main lead, and I kinda like her ever since she became Qetsiyah in The Vampire Diaries. So I’ve started watching it, will post the review once I’m done with it.

My rating- 3.5/5

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