Suits – Review

Hey everyone! Next review post on Suits! So it’s an American Legal Drama Show created and written by Aaron Korsh. The show is set on a fictional law firm, Pearson Hardman, in the city of New York. The show stars Gabriel Macht (Harvey Spectre, Best closer of NY), Patrick J Adams (Mike Ross, Former law student), Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt, Harvey’s rival), Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane, Senior Paralegal), Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen, Secretary to Harvey Spectre) and Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson, Managing Partner and owner of Pearson Hardman).

The show started in 23rd June, 2011 and has had 6 seasons up until now. (Keep reading to catch up with the story or scroll down to just see the review)



The show starts off with Mike Ross, former law student, who takes LSAT for other candidates, being chased after he’s found with a bag of marijuana. He astutely avoids getting caught in a sting only to stumble upon in an interview with Harvey Spectre. Harvey is impressed enough, by Mike’s knowledge of law, to offer him a job in associate position, even though he hasn’t attended a law school. After that, Harvey and Mike solve some of the most challenging cases together while carefully hiding Mike’s secret.

In season 2, Jessica finds out that Mike’s a fraud, but she had other problems which far preceded Mike’s situation. Daniel Hardman, co-founder of the firm returns and starts pressuring Harvey and Jessica. Rachel and Mike soon turn into a romantic relationship. Donna and Harvey are accused of keeping evidence from Daniel, who would use it to leverage the position of managing partner. This pressure from Daniel, forces Jessica to partner with a british firm headed by Edward Darby, changing the name to Pearson Darby.

In season 3, The merger gives Harvey leverage to seek position in name partner. Darby’s international client Ava Hessington puts Harvey in a never ending trial with his former mentor, however soon it turns into a murder charge and leads to arrest of Stephen Huntley causing dissolution of the merge. Rachel gets accepted into Columbia Law School, She and Mike move in together. He leaves the job at the newly renamed Pearson Spectre and takes a job as an investment banker.

In Season 4, Mike gets fired from the job and Louis persuades him to join the firm back. However, by doing so he finds himself indebted to billionaire investor Charles Forstman. louis demands name partner however because of his wrong doings he gets fired, but when he finds out about Mie, he uses it as a leverage. Donna leaves Harvey to work for Louis.

In Season 5, Harvey struggles with losing Donna and begins to open up to a therapist. Louis’s desire to undermine Harvey causes Jack Soloff to play them, who’s being manipulated by Hardman. Rachel’s wedding plans and relationship with her parents is affected cause of Mike’s secret. Mike gets arrested abruptly and when he realizes that he is going to face Anita Gibbs, he turns himself in so that no one else gets arrested.

In Season 6, Mike gets a two year sentence and this puts him in the hands of Frank Gallo who’s holding a grudge against Harvey. Rachel works on an Innocence project. Jessica tries pro-bono but is very distracted cause of her past and so decides to leave the firm. (Whyyy!!!!!!! ) Mike’s roommate helps him to get out. In order to prevent his fraud going public he decides to work at a Legal Clinic. Harvey and Rachel help Mike to pass the bar and persuade him to join the firm.


My Review- Suits is a very technical show. Very well written and produced. However, it gets a little too technical at times, but it has helped me to get to know some law terms like law-suit, pro-bono, etc. It’s fun to watch but you can only catch up with it if you’re paying complete attention cause a lot happen in a second. It’s hard for a person like me cause I watch shows on the side and do my stuff on other, so I kinda have to repeat an episode in order to understand it properly. I was so sad when Jessica decided to leave the show and decided not to continue but….guilty as charged, I watched. More cause of curiosity about how Harvey and Louis are gonna get the firm back up.

My Rating– 4/5











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