Modern Family Review #1- Part 1

Hey everyone! This is a special post for me coz I get to talk about my favorite show!!! Modern Family! Comedy shows have always been my thing and I enjoy even the lamest of them all. (I’m not saying that Modern family is lame) I never really thought American comedy could be funny, maybe because I never saw any, that’s when Kat introduced me to Modern Family (It was 2015, I think). At first I was dubious about the show; I didn’t even bother to open the show for about 6 months. Then one day I was really bored and I just started the pilot, and….. I……I just… I just couldn’t freaking stop myself from watching it further. One of the BIGGEST REASON I liked the show is because they don’t force you to laugh by putting fake laughter in the background. God I hate it! One of the biggest reasons I don’t find FRIENDS as funny as the world finds it. So since then till now I’ve watched the series like more than 8 times. Now since I’m reviewing shows, so I feel I owe a special review to this show. So this is review part 1, about the characters.

First things first, character introduction. So Modern Family focuses on family of Jay Frances Pritchett married to a younger Gloria Delgado Pritchett with a son from her first marriage, Manny Delgado. He also has a son with Gloria, named Joe. Jay has two children from his former marriage, Claire, former homemaker and currently CEO of Pritchett’s Closets, married to Realtor Phil Dunphy, has three children, eldest Haley, Middle one Alex, and youngest Luke, and Mitchell, married to Cameron Tucker, High-school Football coach, former music teacher, have an adopted child from Vietnam named Lily. These 3 families are the soul of this show and the diversity in them makes them a modern family.

So while I was writing the post I realised its going a little too big, so I’ve decided to do the post in 2 parts. This part consists of Character review of the adults of the Family.

  • Jay Francis Pritchett- So when the show begins the first opinion people would have about him is that he’s an old straight white bigot. However with the passage of episodes you actually realize that he’s the backbone ONEILLof the entire family. After all the stupid stuff everyone does, it’s Jay who gets them back together. So basically Jay is a strong independent self-made man, founder and owner of Pritchett’s Closets. He has a real sarcastic sense of humor. He’s far more realistic and practical than any member of the family. He doesn’t express any emotions but actually is the most emotional guy of the family. He’s tough from outside while tender from inside.

Jay’s relationship with Mitchell has been a little complicated ever since he found out about his son’s sexual orientation. The best parts are those sarcastic and nasty comments he gives to Phil.

One of his quotes-

“The key to being a good dad, well sometimes things workout just the way you want. Sometimes they don’t. But you gotta hang in there, because when all is said and done, 90% of being a Dad is just showing up.”


  • Gloria Marie-Ramirez (Delgado) Pritchett-First wife of Javier Delgado, second wife to Jay, Gloria is from Baranquilla, Colombia. She has a son from first marriage named Manny, and one with Jay, named Joe. The best part about her character is the little mispronunciation of346631-sofia-vergara-getty-images
    common English words and the way she speaks them with the Spanish accent. My favorite is the way she describes a helicopter because she can’t pronounce it so she goes like “What’s the thing that goes like tak-a-takka-taka-tak-ataka” She also displays some insane parenting skills, like when Manny was one year old she used to dress him up like a girl, because she always wanted one. Later she tells him that the girl in question is his long lost twin who died at the age of 1. I mean Who does that! xD

She’s very religious by nature and believes in many myths about her family, for instance, Her grandfather was once taken away by a huge bird that came from the sky, cause he did something bad, apparently. She is very comfortable when it comes to killing, she’s strong, independent, maybe because she lived as a single mother for 4 years.

She’s my favorite character from the show because she doesn’t actually try to be funny, it’s very natural to her, the way she speaks, the way she describes stuff and how she defends herself in the most stupid way.

“I am not a Hot Head! I’m Colombian”


  • Phillip Harold “Phil” Dunphy- Ahh! Here comes the Q2zXWsr_most likeable character from the show. It’s the “cool dad” with the hand quotes, if I may add. Phil’s character is just out of the world. When I really think about it, I am Phil in real life. He does all the crazy stuff and doesn’t care how old he is. Best parts about his characters are how occasionally his masculinity is being questioned. Be it the ‘Chirp’ episode where he says “Whenever the beep comes all I hear is “You’re not a man”” or whenever Gloria demands to be dealt by some “Gentle, Nurturing, like a woman” and who does she approach? Phil! Or when Jay is so scared about a baby girl, then Phil, apparently, assures him that if Jay could deal with him, he could deal with any other little girl.

Another best part about his character is his constant desire to get Jay’s approval, god know’s for what. But the best part of them all is that he might be the crazy cool dad 99.9% of the times, but when his kids need him he’s the best father in the world.

And of course Phils-o-sophy

“When life gives you lemonade make lemons, life will be all like whaaaatttt??”

“Always look people in the eye, even if they’re blind. Just say, I’m looking you in the eye.”


  • Claire Melinda Dunphy- If I were to describe her in 3 words or let’s say 2, I’d simply say “Male Phil”, and perhaps that’s the reason they are together.  But don’t opposites attract? Who knows, anyway384db2ffbd6b61f38779ea0f902adfb2.jpg Claire, as described by Mitchell, “Is the son that my dad never had”. She’s a very competitive woman, and always wants to win. She’s always thriving to be right and would go to any extent to prove it. She’s a kind of person who’s made many mistakes in the past and now she’s preventing her kids to repeat them. The best thing about her character is that she’s very active when it comes to family gatherings, holidays, especially Halloween. She’s a tough to deal with mother who wants her kids to have a safe life ahead but often becomes a “Psycho control freak” as described by herself.

Oh and also she’s insanely jealous of Gloria’s voluptuous figure and was so excited when she was pregnant cause of the weight she’ll gain.


  • Mitchell Vincent Pritchett- Mitch in Jay’s son, Claire’s younger brother. Husband to Cameron Tucker. He’s a man who is proud of his own selfJesse_Tyler_Fergeuson_Muppets_Most_Wanted_Premiere_(cropped) (2) and is always ready to give speeches whenever people look at him and Cam weirdly. He’s kind of uptight and worries a little too much. He’s little too concerned about what other people think and so is embarrassed by Cam’s flamboyance. He hates country farm theme and Fizbo. He has a very sarcastic sense of humour. Some of his quotes are just to sassy… like-

“OK if I’m being honest, I find Cam’s behavior a little embarrassing , you know with all of his ‘yos’ and ‘bros’. I mean calm down. You’re a middle aged gay guy who punctuates sentences with your hips”

Well I really like his character. He truly is his sister’s brother. He’s a very caring dad and a loving partner.


  • Cameron Scott Tucker- Cam is Mitchell’s husband for 8 years. He’s a Missouri Farm boy and a big drama queen. He fancies theatre and loves deec2738230ad075f9b5b7b123fe8343drama and role playing. Once he got selected as High school history teacher and he entered the class dressed up like George Washington. He has very weird hobbies like collecting antique fountain pens, adept in Japanese flower arrangements. His character is in contrast to Mitchell’s uptight nature. He enjoys the little things in life and loves to celebrate them. The best thing about his character that I find is the way he can merge into any kind of an environment. He is an amazing father to lily, however, a little too cuddly at times. He is also a professional clown named Fizbo, which is hated by Mitch. Unlike other people who have problems like sleep walking or sleep talking, Cam has a problem of Sleep Clown. xD

After Gloria, Cam is my most favorite character from the show. He doesn’t need funny dialogues, it’s the way he speaks them and those theatrical hand gestures can make anyone laugh. His sarcastic remarks are amazing. I remember in one episode, Jay describes Cam as-“Mother who plays high school football”.

“She said it could take 9 months to get a baby! It’s inhuman!”


Next post will feature review of Modern Family kids.

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