Modern Family Review #1- Part 2

Hey everyone! As you all might have read my previous post, about the adults of this family, this post is review of the kids of the family. So here we go….

  • Manuel Alberto Alejandro “Manny” Delgado- Son of Javier Delgado and Gloria Pritchett. In the beginning of the show you will realize that he is a 60 year old businessman with high moral standards in an 11 yr old’s body. Some of his dialogues are just so amazing in the first seasons like “It’s hiding beneath the mask of insecurity”. His character is very different when you compare it to other 11 year old on the show. Manny is the romantic guy who has hots for elder girls, guess where he gets that from. In one episode Jay tells him “You were born 16”  This affected him so much that he decided to turn back the clock, apparently, but in turn gets his mother angry and she shoots his island using his own BB Gun.

Manny is a kind of a kid who has grown up in an environment where he had to be the man of the house since a child, maybe that’s why he is the way he is. Whatever the reason might be I find his character very sophisticated (as compared to all others), he’s like an old English man in the 80’s. His snarky and sarcastic comments are a delight to listen to. He’s very different from his mother and both his fathers.

One of his best dialogues in entire seasons of Modern family is this, when he’s making a video for his college application. (S08E04- Weathering Heights)

“My name is Manny Delgado and I’m two people. I’m the child of an immigrant single mother, who taught me to believe in myself and dream big. I’m also the step-son of a businessman, who opened his home and his heart to me and showed me by example how to make those dreams come true. Whatever I am, whatever I’ve to give is a product of these two very different worlds.”


  • Haley Gwendolyn Dunphy- The character is played by Sarah Hyland. Haley is the eldest of the three Dunphy children. In the beginning of the series one would describe Haley’s character as, relationship obsessed, too concerned about her social life, no regard to studies, always into her phone. She is the most popular girl in her school and so is embarrassed about her nerdy little sister Alex, and also about her parents. Haley and Alex are constantly mocking each other. One of my most favorite conversation is-

“Alex- Could you L a little less O L. Can’t you see what I’m trying to do here?

Haley- Die alone?”

In the beginning of the show Haley represents a typical American teen, just hit the puberty. However with time her character has changed fore fold. In fact her character is the only that has changed in a positive way. Personally now she’s my favorite grown up kid because she’s so mature and independent. Basically she’s everything she was not in season 1-3.


  • Alexandria Anastasia “Alex” Dunphy– Played by Ariel Winter. Alex is the middle kid. Super intelligent, super talented. She’s the opposite of what Haley was in season 1-3. Being the smartest of them all, often she takes advantage of Haley and Luke’s naivety by fooling them into doing unrealistic thing, like charging your phone by rubbing it in your hair. I personally liked her character from season 1-3.

One of her dialogue she says to Clair on her day of graduation, it was really nice-

You’re the last person who should give me anything. You got me here. You got me to graduation, to Cal tech. You did it. You’re done.”

Alex’s character saw changes over the years and personally I’m not such a fan now. She used to be so cute with those sarcastic comments she passed. She looked upto her parents, especially Claire. But now, it seems as if he just wants to live alone and have no contact with any of her family members. She has become a little too egoistic because she knows she can get anything. She doesn’t look upto Clair as she used to do, as seen in Episode 6 of Season 8 (Grab It). Basically she’s my least favorite character, because of her personality.


  • Lucas Philip Dunphy– Luke Dunphy, the youngest of the Dunphy children. He ‘was’ perhaps the cutest character in the show during seasons 1-3. He was a big trouble maker and super dumb and had hyper realistic imagination. Like once he was, apparently, moving the ball in the pool with his mind. He and Phil have a very weird kind of a relationship and he’s his dad’s favorite kid. During the first few seasons it was asserted that he’s the dumbest of the three kids but later it was ‘confirmed’ that Haley is, perhaps, dumber than him.

I really liked his character, it was very cute and innocent. However, ever since Nolan Gould has grown up I find his (Luke’s) character not so likeable.  Especially during season 5-7, his character is somewhere between Haley and Alex. A little too concerned about girls and what they thought of him. I mean he still does the kind of stuff he did before but then it was cute… no its not. He’s kinda turned into a version of Phil. If I may describe it in one word…. “immature.”

But in the recent episodes of modern family, Luke shows unanticipated maturity when he solves problems of everyone in the family, even though he didn’t get accepted into any college. I’ll say it’s an improvisation in his character.


  • Lillian Elizabeth “Lilly” Tucker-Pritchett– Lily is the adopted daughter of Mitchel and Cameron, from Vietnam. In the first two seasons she doesn’t speak anything, she’s mostly with Cam in the first 2 seasons. He dressed her up like some famous people like, Olivia Newton John, Diana Ross, Madonna, etc.1aefcdad94295a6f5ccbc49ea08972c2

Later in season 3, Aubrey-Anderson Emmons started playing Lily and she started to speak. Lily has a very sarcastic sense of humor. She’s one of the first kinds of adopted children who knows about it and throws sarcastic and racial slurs on her parents. Season’s 4-5 were lily’s prime sarcasm growing years. With season 7, she has grown up and matured but still gives out snarky comments about her fathers and other people. They’re funny. xD

One of her quotes in season 5 is my favorite, when Pam comes to their house and accidently gets to know about Mitch and Cam’s wedding plans

Pam- U both are getting married, that can’t be right

Lily- That’s what my friend Kiesha says.

I guess the due to such vast diversity in Tucker-Pritchett family, gives rise to some amazing sarcastic racial comments. Be it Cam mocking Lily’s Asian’ness or Lily commenting on her white parents.

Currently she’s my favorite grown up kid.


Talking about Joe. He’s still growing up, I mean he didn’t have a proper role in season 5 and 6, his dialogues started coming season 7 onwards. I don’t have any particular observations for him, as of now.

If I were to rate the kids based on their journey (personality development, behavioral changes, character development) throughout the seasons- Comparing with season 1 and season 8

Haley- 6/10 and 8.5/10

Alex- 8/10 and 6/10

Luke- 8/10 and 6/10

Manny- 9/10 and 8/10

Lily- 8/10 (Constant)

So that’s finally it for today. Do leave your thoughts below.

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