Movie Reviews – The Boy

Hey everyone, welcome to my second post on Movie Reviews. You can access the first here where I talked about Insidious Series. This post is about review of The Boy (2016). Starring Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans, this is an American-Chinese Psychological thriller.



Greta, a young woman from Montana takes up a job as a nanny from a British Heelshire Family. After she introduces herself to Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire, she gets to meet their boy, Brahms. To her surprise, Brahms was a porcelain doll treated as a live child by hi parents. Greta laughed at first but soon realised that it’s not a joke when she’s handled with the list of rules that she has to follow to keep Brahms happy.

Once the Heelshire’s leave, Greta is home alone with the doll. Initially she chooses to ignore all the rules set by Brahms, regularly called her sister and intended to start a romantic relationship with the grocery boy Malcolm. Soon unusual stuff start happening in the house. There’s sound of a child crying, someone moving around, random phone calls with a childs voice in it. Soon Greta realises that there is a presence in the house that is trying to make a contact with the doll. She decides to start following the rules as listed and soon realises that the things have stopped and was persuaded that as long as Brahms is happy, she stays happy. Malcolm notices the strange behaviour of Greta as how she treats the doll like a child like the Heelshires did. Greta realises that the doll is possessed and tends to proves it to Malcolm by showing him how the doll can move around the house, she succeeds in doing so but it made Brahms unhappy.

After this incident, Malcolm begins to frequent the house. He informs Greta that the real Brahms was friends with a young girl about his age, who disappeared after a playdate with him in the forest. The girl’s body was later found with her skull crushed. Malcolm warns Greta not to stay in the house, but Greta, having previously suffered a miscarriage, feels obligated to care for Brahms and begins to follow his rules.

One evening Greta finds her ex-boyfriend Cole playing snooker in the Hellshires’ house. She asks him to leave the place but he forces himself on staying. So Greta asks Brahms to help her get rid of him. In the middle of the night, Cole is woken up by a threatening message written by blood on the walls with the doll in the living room. Cole gets angry and smashes the doll into pieces.

Immediately after, the house begins to shake, and the lights flicker. Cole goes to investigate a mirror in the room, when suddenly the mirror smashes open and the real adult and very much alive Brahms crawls through the shattered mirror. It is revealed that he was living within the walls of the house the whole time. (Wait what??)

Brahms stabs Cole to death and then runs after Greta and Malcolm. Both of them enter inside the walls and find the space where Brahms was living the whole time and how he was watching their every move. She also finds a dummy with her dress on it which makes her believe that Brahms wanted to kill her. She also discovers the letter that the Heelshires left for Brahms, stating that Greta is all yours. Brahms catches hold of Malcolm and beats him until he’s unconscious, Greta manages to escape. But soon she comes back and finds Brahms and tells him that she won’t leave and orders him to go bac to bed, as any good nanny would. He demands for a goodnight kiss which Greta begrudgingly accepts but as soon as he tries to pull her in and make out with her, she stabs him and he’s assumed dead. Greta goes back inside the walls, finds Malcolm and escapes.

Is Brahms dead? NO. The film ends with someone repairing the doll back to its original form.


Review- Supposed to be a horror movie, and it is. The first few parts are creepy with the Hyper realistic doll, the sounds of child crying, etc. But you know it’s said that endings are what makes things look amazing, and lets just say I did not understand the ending. It was stupid. I don’t know what it was. The story just fell when Brahms magically appeared from the walls. To many unanswered questions, open ends, and stuff.

The first part of movie is good (creepy).

I won’t say one time watch, I’d just say, if you love Horror stuff you can give it a try.

My Rating- 2.7/5

That’s all for today, thank you for patiently reading this. 🙂


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