Nature Photography – Hibiscus

Hey everyone! So it’s been long since I’m reviewing shows/movies and stuff, I feel the need to get back to where I started this blog at. So this post is about some random flower shots I recently did.

I was sitting in my backyard when I spotted these beautiful bright red Hibiscus flowers. My mom is obsessed with gardening and stuff, my garden is full of beautiful rare flowers of each season. As I grew up I also showed some interest in gardening and now I help my mom in it. And also I love flowers.

I would also like to owe my love of flowers to biology, very nerdy I know. I remember when I was in the final year of my school, our teacher took us out to show some flowers and study them. That’s when I got to know in depth about them and this increased my love for them. We also dissected flower to study their structure and I absolutely enjoyed it. God I miss it all so much now that I’m in a design college (Sigh).

So moving on, these are some random shots I clicked while I was mesmerised by the serene beauty of these flowers of China Rose/Hibiscus.

Hope you like them. 🙂



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