It’s all coming back to Celine Dion

Hey everyone! Listening to music is a big part of my life. I can’t imagine myself going anywhere without my music and earphones. So I feel I should write about it in my diary. I don’t usually have favorite singers. I just randomly like a song. Usually I fall in love with songs sung by people I barely know but are famous as hell. But amidst all of this there’s one singer I absolutely love and the “only” singer that’s my favorite. That is Celine Dion.

I’m an 18 yr old guy listening to Celine Dion and not Rihanna or Ariana Grande. Does it make me weird? Hell yes! I don’t really know the reason why but I’m just in total love with her songs. The first song I heard was “My Heart Will Go On” (Obviously). I was obsessed by the movie Titanic back then. Always wondered who is that pretty lady behind the beautiful voice. For some reason I always pictured someone like Oprah Winfrey or someone really old like 80’s or something who sang the song.

Out of curiosity, one day, I guess it was 2015, I decided to google her. Was I surprised to see the real her? Hell Yea! I mean who would’ve expected such a beautiful face behind this breath-taking voice. The curiosity didn’t end here. I clicked on one of her song videos, “I’m Alive”. I remember that day clearly, after watching that video I just kept clicking to every other video of hers. Lets just say I haven’t stopped listening to her ever since. Then I decided to watch her concerts and I fell in love.

When all of the teenagers in the world were busy listening to Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Taylor Swift, there was a young boy sitting in his room listening to Celine Dion. She became by first real crush. The woman has accomplished so much in her life.

Why do I like her songs so much? I really don’t know. I have a very specific taste when it comes to music, I don’t have a definite category that usually people have. It’s extremely difficult for me to explain what kind of music I prefer. If I had one reason to explain why I like her songs so much, I guess I’d say her voice. It’s pure, untouched, natural. Not auto-tuned which I usually hate and every singer today does that. Her voice is naturally so soft and soothing to one’s mind. The kind of power she has in her voice, I haven’t seen that in any of the current singers, her voice is both soft and calm and strong and powerful, let’s just say there’s so much versatility in her voice. Her songs are very soulful, some of her old songs have such powerful messages. For example, “It’s all coming back to me”, that song hits your nerve. I also absolutely love her style. Being a Fashion design student I really admire her style. I think one of my most favorite dress of hers is this. She wore this for the opening number for her return concert in the Colosseum, in 2008 I guess, at Ceaser’s Palace. She looks absolutely gorgeous in this stunning gown. I remember this part, she sang Open Arms and the huge wall of curtain fell as she hit the chorus and it was so amazing to watch.


I’m not a maestro in singing but she is truly a legend. It’s my dream to watch her live in Las Vegas, but I guess by the time I’ll be able to afford it, she would’ve stopped doing concerts. Let’s just hope I get to meet her in future. I really want to!

And also thanks to her, I started listening to french songs. “S’il Suffisait Daimer” is just so soulful. ❤

That’s all for today, thank you for patiently reading this. 🙂


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