Photo Challenge – Evanescent

Image Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017 This weeks photo challenge – Evanescent, reminded me of these beautiful flowers that bloomed in my back yard. However with the onset of summers they have gone and all that remains of them is this photograph I took back then. This also reminded me of a poem I wrote a few days back on daily prompt – Radiate. (My … Continue reading Photo Challenge – Evanescent

… Nothing… Whatsoever.

So today’s prompt Buff. Buff…..Buff…Buff…. Nothing. I don’t have a single thing to write on Buff. I googled the word. At first the results that came were – Adults wear Buff, Buff Bandana’s, Buff Headware. I was like what? where’s the meaning. Then I googled – Buff meaning. Ah there were those good results. Still didn’t find anything I could write. Well I guess even … Continue reading … Nothing… Whatsoever.

Dear Diary #5

(So Allison just found out that Chris also wants to join Medical. Read previous here.) “Wow that’s… umm.. great” – Me 11:05 am – Aubrey gets a text message. “What is it?” I asked “Its from Aurora” “whats the sleeping beauty from OUAT doing messaging you?” “lol” “on a serious note, I’m forgetting aurora..? “Its Jane…. My childhood bestfriend from when we lived together in … Continue reading Dear Diary #5

Impression – Something Different

Impression. Whenever I think of this word… I’m gonna take a different point of view here, I find the need of imitating someone’s unique trait of ability or doing something in a similar way as someone else does. Often we hear that daughters have an impression of their mother…. Not in totality but that one unique trait that has an uncanny similarity. As humans we … Continue reading Impression – Something Different