Daily Prompt – Yarn

Hey everyone! So this post is going to be something different.Yesterday I found out about this Daily prompt thing and I decided to do it. So basically what is it? Daily Prompt gives out words every day and each one of us taking part in it has to interpret it in our own way and write about it.

This post is about YARN. So when I saw this I was like hell yea i’m gonna do it, how difficult will it be? But turns out I was able to think only this much and now I’m ending with things I can write. How do I interpret yarn? Well I am a Fashion Designing student so you can say yarn is very important to me. lol pj I know. You know I didn’t even know what yarn was until like 3 months ago when my teacher was telling us about types of fabric. I always thought that fabrics are made out of thread…….no…… It was surprising to me.

Anyhoo talking about yarn. I remember in my college one thing everyone says is that Clothes define who we are. So I’m gonna put forth a very poetic thought, (lol, I’m nervous) I feel yarn is comparable to our actions. Just like a yarn when woven together makes a fabric which makes the cloth that define us, similarly our actions together make up our personality which also define us. So its kinda relatable.  (Please don’t laugh, I’ve never really written such kind of stuff so its kinda new for me)

Anyhoo I guess this is all that I’ve got for yarn, my mind is now a total blank and also I’m really sleepy right now.

It was really fun doing my first Daily prompt. Looking forward to more.

Thank you for patiently reading this. 🙂


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