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My Mind is a complete None

I’m not the best person when it comes to writing stuff. I always had issues with words, my weak vocabulary, but that didn’t pull me back from writing. I know I’m totally terrible but I do it coz I love it. Now when I saw this prompt, None. My mind was a complete none. I couldn’t think of a single thing of how I could interpret it.

There are so many great sayings with the word none, like None of your business, None taken, (I only remember these many), etc. My favorite is None taken. I say it even when it’s not required. Speaking of it, I realised that I accidentally wrote an oxymoron in my first para. I fancy myself saying such big words coz you know. Lol. (You really don’t)

I guess being a complete none is often better than being a complete complete (Difficult to explain my point but I hope you get it). I see these great people with so much experience and knowledge often stumble upon the tiniest thing, whereas someone with like no experience easily points that out. Maybe when people are so experienced they are stuck outside the box whereas the inside, even though might be a complete none, but is still full of stuff.

Speaking about it I just realised I wrote like three hideous paragraphs about none with my mind being a none.

So I guess None is the new Complete.

Have a great day. Thank you for patiently reading. 🙂


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