Lifestyle + Discipline = Life’s Good

Hola Amigo’s! Como estas? (I’ve been learning spanish these days 😉 )

So new word, lifestyle, How does Silas interpret it? Well I guess this is the perfect opportunity to write what I’m about to. I’m a student of Fashion Designing, just finished my first year at college. Often I was asked, mostly by my classmates, how am I able to complete all of my work. I honestly have no answer, in turn I’m like why can’t you? All of us equal 24 hrs in a day, it is no different for me.

I guess the answer lies in the fact that since a child my parents taught me time management. As easy as it may sound, it’s not. The answer lies in lifestyle. Have a healthy lifestyle and you’ll manage your time well. Have discipline in your day and all will be merry.

What do I mean by having a Healthy lifestyle?

Well the most important is, Give time to yourself. You might have the busiest day but spare a few minutes for yourself. Second is Sleep well. 90% of the issues will go away if people just sleep at the right time. (Speaking of which I should sleep now, I have an exam tomorrow early morning)

Our lifestyle is the key to our happiness. During every stage of life, you have to change it in order to continue to remain happy. Change of lifestyle, in our life, is like a circle. The beginning and end are similar. The best age of your life often requires atmost attention, which people often fail at.

Have a Nice Day. 🙂



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