The Big Reveal – Riverdale

Hey everyone! So few days ago I watched the big reveal of Riverdale. I’m not sure what exactly was the big reveal. Will come to that later.

Riverdale is an american teen drama series based on characters from Archie Comics which focuses on murder of Jason Blossom.

Talking about the big reveal that it was Clifford Blossom who killed Jason, it was not surprising. I mean throughout the show they indirectly pointed that it was the blossoms who were responsible for Jason’s murder in some way. I was not shocked after learning about it. However, the bigger reveal was that the Cooper’s are actually Blossom’s (You should’ve seen Betty’s face when she learns about this, there was fog of disgust on her face) This actually made Jason and Polly’s relationship incest. (ugh! Gross) Anyhoo this was more surprising than Clifford killing his own son. (It would actually have been a surprise if it was Hermione or Andrew who killed Jason)

Anyways. Really looking forward to why Clifford killed his son. According to my speculation –

1-Clifford wanted to take revenge from Coopers and killed Polly’s lover.

2-Because Jason refused to take the family business

3-Jason learned about some dark secret of Blossoms and so Clifford killed him.

4-Jason and Polly’s relation was incest.

So far the show is going great, my second favorite. I’m really looking forward to the season finale. (Just one problem in the show, Cheryl’s hideous lip shades :/)

I’d like to rate it 4/5, about the big reveal 3/5.

Currently my sister gave me Once Upon a Time, and I’ve watched like first 4 episodes and I’m kinda liking it. Will soon post about it.

So that’s all for today. Have a Nice Day. 🙂



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