Travel Log – Dehradun

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first travel log. So for the weekend my family and I decided to visit Dehradun and Musoorie. I reached dehradun today in the morning. It’s a valley in the Himalayas. I’ve come here to attend some pre-wedding ceremonies of my cousin sister followed by a 2 day stay at Musoorie.

So I took a train from Delhi to Dehradun. It was an overnight train and I stepped here at 5:40 am. Then I proceeded to my home.

There was an immediate change of air and weather here. Unlike noida where air is so polluted, the air here is so fresh and the weather, even though its summers, is very pleasant. The ceremonies began at 11 am in the morning. Just a little brief about it, so basically it’s known as ‘Variksha’ (pronounced- Bariksha) where the ‘Var’ refers to the ‘groom’. So basically the bride’s family offers the groom a basket of fruits as a ritual to confirm the wedding from their side and some more rituals and mantras are spoken. Then happens the “God Bharai”, the groom’s family offers jewellery and fruit basket to the bride, and more gifts, and confirm the wedding from their side. Then this is followed by the engagement.

This ceremony went on till like 5 pm and then we went to Cafe Coffee Day, I grabbed a Devil’s Own to cure my tiredness, but it didn’t help😕. For some reason caffeine fails on me. After finishing it we went back home.

In a typical India Family, whenever there is a family function there is an unsaid ritual that the entire family has to gather in one home and stay together. It may sound sane but when I’ll tell you how big my family is you’ll come to know of the insanity of the idea.

Anyhoo so there’s a hill station Musoorie in very close proximity to Dehradun. It’s called the Queen of Hills because it was the first discovered hill station and also it’s cool throughout the year. So tomorrow we’ll be going there, we’ll leave early in the morning, at around 8.

Stay tuned for more updates on my visit to Musoorie. (oh and the person in the pic is me)

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