Travel log – Musoorie

Hey everyone! So we left for musoorie, via road, early in the morning at 8 and we reached by 10:30. We booked The Ilbert Manor for our stay. (In case you missed my previous post, check it out here)

If you are thinking of visiting Musoorie please do not check in to The Claridges Nabha Residence. We actually had an issue with them and they showed very unprofessional behaviour. We had like 5 phone calls with them and sent a trail of emails and still in the end they managed to accuse us of not sending any booking enquiry. The hotel staff was very unprofessional so I’d suggest don’t book it. Also the hotel when we saw it (on the way)  was way out of the main city and the entire route from there to main city Mall road is 24/7 flooded with traffic.

After this hassle with The Claridges, we booked the Ilbert Manor and they were very welcoming and provided us with deluxe rooms even at the last minute. The Ilbert Manor is a traditional British Residence.

Every room is assigned a name. We booked 2 rooms, me and my sister in Lady Dufferin and Mom n Dad in Jim Corbett.

Our room was beautiful. It totally gave the feel of a British Mansion. Be it the bed spreads,  cushion cover, wall paint, lamps, all screamed British.

The hotel is located at a little lower height as compared to mall road, so they provide a shuttle service. Also normal cars can’t reach there. The shuttle picks people from the hotel and drops them at a defined spot, and vice versa,  from where they can access mall road. The ride is also not very time taking… Only 2-3 mins.

So after freshening up we decided to go out and visit the Mall road. The mall road, like any other hill station, is simply a road with a beautiful Mountain View on one side and shops on the other. Musoorie’s mall road is pretty long, if you’ve been to Nainital, the mall road over there is veryy short.

(Valley-view from Mall Road)

The mall road has every kind of shop and product. Cheap and decent quality clothing, accessories, etc.

We were actually a lot hungry so we decided to ditch mall road and quickly find a decent restaurant to have lunch. We came across The Clarks Restaurant and decided to have lunch there.

The lunch was amazing, we ordered Chicken Kali Mirch and Kadhai Paneer. Chicken Kali Mirch is basically a chicken dish cooked in black pepper gravy. Kadhai paneer is Cuboid pieces of cottage cheese cooked in traditional Indian gravy.

After the lunch we were hella tired so we went back to the hotel.

Next post in a few hours. Stay tuned.

(Also my mom didn’t allow me to bring my laptop the trip coz “family time”. Anyhoo all these posts are through my phone.)


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