Guest Post – Silas from The Kayastha Journal

Thank you so much Vikki for letting me guest post. It was really fun doing this.

My Mundane Life

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to present my very first Guest Post! That’s right – I’ve been thinking about doing one for a long time and I approached Silas@TheKayasthaJournal and I’m so happy that he immediately agreed to it!

Over the last week, we have been interviewing each other over email and decided to produce separate guest posts in collaboration. You can see the his post here, where I have given my own interview. So here’s presenting my interview with Silas:

1. Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?
Hey everyone I’m Silas and I’m the author of the blog ThaKayasthaJournal (Diary of a Weird Teen Boy). I just turned 18 and decided to start a blog of my own. My blog basically revolves around what a boy might write in his diary. It has the pics I click, reviews of shows I watch, travel logs…

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