Travel Log-Mussoorie Final Day

Hey everyone! Welcome to my final travel log on Mussoorie. (Check out my previous post here.)

So I woke up at 8:30, bathed and had breakfast and was ready to check out of the hotel by 11 am. We put our luggage in our car and we went out to mall road. For one last time we decided to skim through the tibetan market stalls, I bought 2 T-shirts at a pretty reasonable price. in the beginning of the market there’s a small cabin converted into a cafe. It’s called The Mountain Cafe. We decided to grab a cup of coffee over there.

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It’s a very small, cute and beautiful cafe. They have a theme of ropes, everything that you’ll see over there is made up of or covered with rope. There are beautiful lamps made out of thread hung over the tables. There are only 2 tables with seating capacity of 4.

I ordered a Kiwi Mocktail, and it was really delicious.


After having the mocktail we proceeded ahead and decided to explore the mall road beyond the city centre point. A number of top brand shops were present, which was very unlikely as they are rarely present in hill stations. We found this incredible cafe Cafe de Tavern and decided to feed our belly’s there.

The entire ambience of the cafe was amazing, wooden furniture just mesmerises me. We ordered White Sauce Pasta, Chicken salad and 4 cheese pizza. Everything was just amazing and so mouth watering. The quantities were very good, it was value for money, and taste was also excellent.

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After having lunch we decided to bid adieu to Mussoorie and we headed back to Dehradun. We had a train from there back to Noida. It was the Mussoorie Express, over-night train. We reached Noida by 8 in the morning.

Overall experience of the place was good. However, there were certain problems. Like there is a lot of traffic on the mall road, even though they have prohibited public vehicles, but the private vehicles rush through the mall road. Its not very safe to let kids wander in the middle of the road, unlike Nainital where they prohibit any and every kind of vehicle on the mall road after 6 pm. Morever, development of the city is questionable. Its not tourist friendly. But I guess a one time visit to the Queen of Hills is a must.

That’s all for today, time to check the daily prompt now.

Have a Nice Day. 🙂


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