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Life is a Precipice itself – A Poem

“Today I was walking with her

In the corridor

I stumbled upon a soda can

Everyone laughed at me

It was the first


I sat in the classroom

The teacher talked

about the test last week

I failed

It was the second


I was on the way home

A car almost crashed into me

I was okay only to realise

I broke my bicycle’s chain

I had to walk back home

It was the third


I was completing my homework

Power went out

It was dark all around

It was the fourth


Only when I thought 

it was the last

I realised 

that life is a precipice itself

No matter how big or small

How significant or insignificant

We have to overcome it”

Copyright – TheKayasthaJournal – 2017

Daily Prompt – Precipice


2 thoughts on “Life is a Precipice itself – A Poem”

    1. True! People tend to remember only the bigger ones because they are the most impactful ones. But so are the other smaller ones. They might not have an impact instantly but in the long run they do.

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