The Trip – A poem

Here’s to my amazing and memorable trip to Musoorie. The Queen of Hills.

“I took my bag and got in the train
It had almost started to rain
The rain came like the kiss of true love
And then the sun bid adieu-making peace with us flying high with a dove.

I stepped at the valleys when Sun hadn’t risen
And I exited the valleys when Sun had risen
On the way to musoorie
Like an opportunist-whose mind was rather eerie

Checked into Ilbert Manor
We went to the mall road with candor
Stood on the edge of valley
I took my camera and took rugged shots deliberately

The sun was almost coming down
We posed for family photo
My sisters face was a frown – she doesn’t like to get clicked

Back in the hotel, the weather was cool
I tried my hand at pool
Failed miserably-but it was a precipice
And I felt like I was in wonderland like Alice

The first and last night
Went out without a fight
We were ready for our last
Not ready to forget all blast

The clock struck one
Hunger affected everyone
Cafe De Tavern was right ahead
It came to us like a bridesmaid

After satisfying our bellies
We bid adieu to the valleys
The queen was nice to us
Like a knight in shining armor
To rescue of the damsel in distress”

Copyright- TheKayasthaJournal -2017


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