Dear Diary #1

6:30 am – First alarm goes off.

6:45 am – 15th alarm went off, finally I got up.

7:00 am – My mom is yelling at me. “Get up! Get Up Alisson! You’ll be late for school, It’s your first day”

7:15 am – (In the washroom) My brain is collecting every tiny reason why School sucks. I hate it. My mind is a complete mess right now. A part of me is excited about new school, and more of the other part just wants to sleep.

Oh that tile looks broken! (I said to myself), I wonder why it’s broken. Speaking of that I just realised I broke Ms. Brook’s windows yesterday. She hasn’t found out yet otherwise my mom would be yelling me. Ah I remember how she yelled at that security guard that day in the mall. Lol it was funny.

(Starts laughing) Mom yells from outside. I just realised she’s been knocking since the last 10 minutes.

“What the hell are you even doing in there Al? It’s 7:45”
“Yes mo-….WHAT! 7:45!! Why didn’t you tell first! Ugh! You always do this ma.”

She does this always, and then blames me for everything.

7:50 am – I just grabbed the first pieces and wore them.

“Uh, not really dressed up like the first day.”

God, what should I do. This pink top is very tacky. Let me see if I find something else.

“ALLISON! Come-on! Are you serious!”

“Ugh! Yes Mother I’m ready”, I guess I have to work with this only. God help me.

8:00 am – Finally, I’m leaving for school now. I’m so anxious right now. Will my friends be in my class. I just hope that mean bitch Stacie is not in my class. I hate her so much.

What if my friends are in some other class? What will I do? Oh no.

“Honey, you seem nervous? Are you?” asks mom.

I don’t know how to answer. How will I tell why I’m nervous.

“Al? Hon I’m talking to you”

“ah yes mom. No NO! I’m not nervou” I couldn’t even complete my sentence. Please god be with me.

8:16 am – Finally here we are. Ok this is pretty ok’ish. I have to find my class. Oh there’s the list. I was so caught up about my first day that I didn’t even realise my mom was waving me good bye. Umm… ok lets see. Uh there’s my name….Allison Cooper…. Class 113.

8:20 am – I reached my class. Oh no, the teacher is already inside. What am I gonna do! What am I gonna tell? I’m late for my very first class! Omg what is she gonna think of me. Ugh god what should I do. I’ll not attend the class. I’ll call in sick. I cant.. Little did I know that I walked right into the class while thinking all of this.

“Oh welcome Ms. Cooper, we were just beginning.” Says Ms. Pritchett, our history teacher.

Wow, that went pretty well. I’m looking around, trying to find a face I know. But I don’t. Oh no, there she is. My biggest nightmare…. Stacie Paulsen. This day is so not good for me.

There’s no one in my class I know. How will I survive.

“May I come in Ms. Pritchett?” a familiar voice entered the room. I looked up. A very cute boy was standing there. But I don’t know him, why is the voice so familiar. He came in and was going to sit next to me. Omg I’m so excited. But my happiness didn’t last long as Stacie offered him a seat next to her. God I hate that bitch.

11:00 am – In the Cafeteria. Oh my god, there she is, Aubrey! I’m so happy to see her. She’s my best friend since kindergarten.

“Uh you are not gonna believe who’s in my class”

“umm. Let me guess. Stacie Paulsen”

“God, you know me! I’m just so annoyed. My day has been so bad”

“You’ll feel better after you have a cupcake”

Both of us get up and go to the counter to grab some food. And guess what, Stacie with her 3 little minnions pushed us and went ahead.

“Stacie! (trying to compose myself) we were here first”

“Oh that’s sad, now I’m first, as always”

Aubrey held me, otherwise I was gonna kick her face hard. After she went away, Aubrey and I went to the counter and grabbed some burgers. I was on the way to my table and one of Stacie’s minnions purposely hit me and I dropped my burgers. I kept my calm yet again and decided to pick it all up and put in the garbage can.

I went down and one more hand reached for the fallen food. It was the cute boy I saw in the class.

“I saw how she purposely hit you, I really appreciate how you kept your calm”

“Well that’s Stacie for you, the longer you stay, the more you’ll know about her deeds”

“I’m Chris, by the way”

“Allison….you can call me Al.”

“I really don’t know anyone here, you mind giving me your number?”

“Umm, okay. But why specifically me”

“Well Stacie forced her number in my phone, and its not the first time I’ve come across such girls. But you are different. Girls with your etiquette are hard to find. I feel we are gonna be good friends”

(Ah I wish more than friends) I whispered to myself. “That’s so nice of you. By the way here’s my number.”

Aubrey passed me a smirk. “Should I start planning a june wedding?”

“Shut up Aubrey, we’re just friends”

I turned my head back to have a glimpse of Chris and he was also looking at me.

“Well do you see, Stacie tried to pull you down, but you have finally risen above the jealousy” Aubrey said.

“Well I guess, descend is necessary to rise above”


(To be continued)

My feeble attempt at writing.

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017


7 thoughts on “Dear Diary #1

  1. Every one of us has a special way to purvey our feelings, lacing them into miraculous words that impacts the readers one way or another. Your writing is not feeble, it is wonderful. Loving the way you write. Nice layout. Have hope, write on!

    Liked by 1 person

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