Dear Diary #2

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3:00 pm – Finally the terrible first day is over. I’m back home.

“Aw honey! You’re back. Come on tell how was it?” asked my mom

“Umm it was okay’ish, the bad bitch Stacie is in my class”

“Maybe it’s the beginning of a new friendship”

“Hmm, I guess I agree mother” (My mom’s reference being Stacie, mine being Chris)

I am back in my room, its exactly how I left it. The maid didn’t do a good job. Nevermind, I’m sleepy, I am gonna sleep now.

6:15 pm – I hear laughter. Not a very normal one. Like a group of drunk wolfs just howling…. Ah it’s my mother and her friends. One of the reasons I avoid going to the mall with her friends.

6:20 pm – I got a text, it’s from Aubrey.

Hey! Did the cutie text you?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. -.-

Oh come on Al! You can tell me…

No he didn’t

I don’t think he will

Give it time, he’ll do.

Anyways, did u get the invite for Jessica’s sweet 16?

               Umm, no? Did you?

Nope. I was hoping you’d get one.

Why in the world will you even think that…

Idk, you guys were good before the summer break…

Wait did anything happen?

               Nothing, like really nothing. I don’t know she just

didn’t message me, and I don’t really consider her

so close so I didn’t bother to text her.

Lemme guess, now when you’ll meet her,

She’ll be like, “Aww! Al where were you,

How’ve you been? You didn’t text and blah

Blah blah.”



Anyways I gtg, my mom is calling me downstairs. Her

Friends are here. -.-

May god be with you.

Bye :*

Byeee :* TTYL

7:15 pm – Uh finally! Those aunties were killing me. Hmm… I should better clean my room.

9:00 pm – “Al…. come down for dinner honey! Dad brought steak.”

“Coming mother”

Hmm, well I guess I deserve some steak after cleaning this dumpyard.

9:30 pm – Steak was amazing! I get so sleepy whenever I eat good. I better go to sleep now. Night!

Day – 2

6:40 am – Mom enters the room… “Oh you’re up. That’s strange.”

“Well ya I guess it’s strange, I couldn’t believe myself too.”

“It’s not strange, its your excitement for a new class”

“Or its just strange…”

“Anyways, go freshen up, breakfast will be ready in 30 minutes.”

7:00 am – Going for a bath. I feel like dressing up today. I don’t know, I guess I have time left so I should.

I grabbed my most precious red cold shoulder dress.

7:40 am – I’m going down for breakfast now.

“Oh my, you look stunning sweetheart. What’s the occasion?” asked my dad.

“Well someone is really excited about her new class” – Mom

“oh god no, mom please…its nothing dad… I just felt like dressing up.”

8:15 am – I reached school. I found Aubrey on the gate and so we decided to walk to the class together. Aubrey is constantly mocking me.

8:30 am- Class begins. We enter, Stacie gave me an envious look. I was just so happy. Lol

9:30 am – Class ends. Stacie is walking towards me. I guess I know what she’s gonna say.

“Hey AL, nice dress you got there.”

And suddenly my mother’s words just flashed in my mind.

She continued, “My maid’s got a similar one, bye sweetheart”

I just wanted to rip her face apart. God! Why didn’t god give me that kind of strength to talk back to people! Ugh!

“Al, ignore her, let’s just move out” Said Aubrey

We took our bags and went out of the class. It was time for cheer leading practice session. We moved to the gym area.

9:50 am – The coach enters. A big fat white coach…. How come they even pass the fitness test?

10:14 am – This years cheerleading groups head is going to be announced. Ugh why did I even join this non sense. Aubrey guilt me into doing this. She loves cheerleading, don’t know why.

10:21 am – “This years head is Stacie Paulsen…”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME! She can’t even walk properly how will she cheer!” (I shouted in my mind)

“Stacie is so adrift when it comes to body postures and movements, she just looks cute on the outside.”

“I know Aubs, she just got it because her father and Dean Tucker are childhood friends”

Ugh. My nightmare continues.

(to be continued)


Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017



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