Daily Prompts, Diary Entry

Dear Diary #3

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10:30 am – Stacie is approaching me.

“So Aubrey and you…you’re gonna be at the back so you might just wanna move your asses”

“Listen Stacie PAULSEN, I might have shut my mouth all this while but this doesn’t give you the opportunity to treat us like rats.” I snapped (Not so proud of myself right now)

“Wow, the little birdie also speaks”

I was about to hit her but Aubrey pulled me back…

“Listen Stacie, Allison and I have a reputation to maintain (unlike you) so we’re just gonna take the high road and step back” Wow I never heard Aubrey being so peacefully sarcastic.

“Whatever….” (Stacie)

11:00 am – After assigning everyone their positions, we’re free and Aubs and I move to cafeteria.

11:15 am – We’re having lunch. All of a sudden a familiar voice came from behind me.

“Hey! Can I join you guys?” It was Chris.

He came and sat next to Aubrey. (Ugh why not me!)

“So you guys in the cheerleading squad?” (Chris)

“Uh, unfortunately yea.”  (Me)

“What’s so unfortunate?” (C)

“Just guess…your first day Best friend is the team leader” (Me)

We all just burst into laughter, where Chris was honestly laughing and Aubs and I were contemplating on our misfortune.

Chris didn’t comment on my dress. L

11:30 am – Going towards the class. It’s biology, my favourite subject. The only class I pay attention to. Lol.

2:00 pm – School’s over. Time to head back home, I heard someone call my name.

“Hey AL! Wait up.” It was Chris, running towards me. It looked like prince charming was rushing towards me on his beautiful white horse. The corridor was packed, but I felt it was only me and him. Everything was in slow motion.

Wow, I always thought this stuff happened in movies….but it’s happening. Speaking of movies, Aubrey and I are going out for movie night. I have no idea what I’ll wear then. O also Zara is having a sale….I should inform Aubs…

“Al you there???” Chris shook my shoulder.


“I’m trying to talk to you since the past 10 minutes but you seem to be lost.”

“Umm..you were? My mind is a wanderer… I just start thinking of random stuff anywhere anytime…. Anyways you were saying?”

“I’ve been meaning to tell you this since morning but couldn’t gather up the courage”

“which is?”

“You look really good. That color suits you.”

Is this a dream? Did Chris just compliment me on my dress?

“Thanx (What? Just thanx? What the hell’s wrong with me!) umm Aub just ditched me would you like to walk down for a while?”

“Yea sure. I live in sector 7, you?”

“Sector 12, just a little ahead of sector 7”

We both decide to walk down home.

I saw Stacie and her minnions giving me an envious look. I just ignored and walked right past her.

2:10 pm – We are in front of sector 6, just behind sector 7. We both have entered the deep jungle of conversations. Its kinda difficult to get out now. (Just being a little poetic you know)

2:11 pm – I got a notification. It’s a text message from Aubrey.

Hey u home?

Sorta ya.. Chris and I are walking down together

Chris n I ❤

Shut up aubs…. I gtg

OK bye hon….  I’ll call the wedding planner

Aubrey get lost


2:20 pm – We’re standing in front of my house

“Umm so that’s my place” (Me)

“seems nice…. Umm I really lost track when we were chatting.” (Chris)


“so I guess I should head back”

“Yea I guess”

Chris headed back. Ugh I wish he asked if he could come inside.

2:21 pm – I’m home. Apparently my mom was sneaking on me through the window coz the first question she asked me was…

“I never saw that guy in your school” (Mom)

“coz he’s new…. He’s from Ipswich mom” (Me)

“Ahh… He’s cute”

“Mom you’re too old”

“Yea right get up to your room now”


3:10 pm I was asleep but I got up by a notification. It was a text message… Ugh Aubrey…. But no it was Chris.



You know amidst the bunch of conversations we had I totally forgot to ask if you accepted to be a member of the cheer leading team

Yes Aubrey forced me but Ya I am

That’s so cool we’ll have more chances to gossip

Wait you’re in the basketball team?

Umm. Yea

Wow (o my god… Chris Stevens is in basket ball)

So…..  What’s up

Nothing…. Mom just sneaked in on us… Bombarded ME with a bunch of questions

Wow and I thought my mom was the only one like it

Really your mom does that?

Yes it’s so creepy! Even when I have guys at my place

O my gawd



The conversation went for 22 minutes.

I immediately texted aubs

Hey aubs!

Aubs! Come online

commmeeee onlinnnneeeee

Oh dear lord I’m here

Yay finally

So what’s upp

U know Chris is in the basketball team?

OMG really?

Ya Ya Ya!

Wow u seem excited

More coz Now I have a reason to smack that bitch and be on top

Ahh so that’s more important apparently

Ya! That bitch has been irritating me since the day I brought that awesome Hannah Montana bag in kindergarten

Aww I still miss your back then

Me too I still have the bag

Well I support u in your quest of beating Stacie

We shall destroy her and make sure she doesn’t have a chance to reprieve!


(To be continued)


Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017


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