They said I need emotions

“Sitting all alone in these dark woods
Trying to express only if I could
Someone just pick up from this ocean
Full of vast emotion

Pretending to be cold from outside
But colder from the inside – they said
Do I need a session
For me to come in touch with my emotion

But am I really so cold
Or may just be too old
Someone just rotate back the reel
To the time when I used to feel

I showed it back then
But they say I pretend
I decided to stray away
For that was the only way

Am I pretentious – maybe
Or am I just cautious
For one day I shall break down
That day life and I will have a showdown

But for now all they do is criticise
Because I don’t shed a tear on a demise
All they want from someone
To infuse me with emotion”

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017

Daily Post

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