Dear Diary #4

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4:00 pm – After planning our course to destroy Stacie Paulsen, I decide to do some studying. I’m thinking ummm chemistry.

I just opened the textbook, Oh my god, all I could see is some ridiculous hexagon thingies and is this a molecule name or ancient egyptian pharaoh’s name. How do scientists even work with them all day.

4:15 pm – Someone is calling me, its mom. One of her friends is here. Oh god I don’t wanna go.

4:16 pm – I’m in the living room, Oh my god it’s my new biology teacher. What’s she doing here?

“Al, this is Emma, my childhood friend….she is also your new bio teacher”

“What? I mean wow that’s so cool” (So not cool. That lady is a giant walking control freak!)

“Hi, I remember seeing you in class today. I didn’t say anything because I wanted to keep it a surprise.” (Ms. Emma)

“I know, big surprise” (Whyyyyy GOOOODDDD!!!!!) “I have some homework so I gtg”

4:21 pm – Back in my room. O My God! Ms. Emma Swan is my teacher! I don’t have many memories of her, but the ones I do are just insane. She’s like tots obsessed with biology and manipulates everyone she meets into becoming a doctor. God God help me. I need Aubrey.

You there!!!


Yes bae, M here.

Do you remember my mom’s childhood friend, I speak of a lot?

Ah yea the crazy aunt with the accent whose husband is no-where to be found

I don’t remember it that way but ya, she

Yea what about ‘she’?

She is our new biology teacher


Oh wait what?

The lady we saw in class today is Emma Swan? The Crazy obsessive control freak Emma swan?

Yes and yes.

Oh dear lord

Exactly and… she’s in my house

I don’t know you dear.

Really -.-

What’s she doing?

I am a 90% sure that she’s 100% getting my mother to join me some medical tuition so I can become some doctor.

Aww Dr. Allison Parker… I would love to visit your clinic

Yea and you’ll be my first patient.

After Chris

Ha. Ha. Ha. :/

O wait my mum’s calling me gtg.

4:35 pm – “Al honey, come down”

“Yes mom.”

“So Emma and I were just talking and she feels you should go into biology”

“ahh you really think that?” (I’m not surprised :/)

“Yes dear, I feel you shall really excel in the field” Ms. Swan

“Well there’s still time, I gotta think it’s a big decision”

I flee from there.

Day 3 –

8:00 am – I’m wearing my yellow top with blue ripped jeans and my favourite heels. On the way to school.

8:40 am – Aubrey and I are sitting in one of the corner bench.  I totally forgot to do my assignment.

“Uhhh I’m so dead today”

“I don’t think so. Chill. Its Ms Emma your favourite teacher” (Aubrey giggles)

I gave her a disgusted look

“Oh come on its funny!”

“No its not”

“Well u gotta chill, remember we have Ms Paulsen in our class, what makes you think she might’ve done the work”

“well I guess ya.”

“Hey can I join you guys?” Chris came outta nowhere

“Umm sure Y-” I got cut off because Ms Swan came in.

9:10 am – It’s time to submit our assignments. I’m just waiting for Stacie’s name to be called out.

9:21 am – “Stacie Paulsen, your assignment?” Ms Swan called.

“Yes Mam, here it is”

“WHAT! WHAT WHAT WHAT?” I just gripped Aubrey hand so tight.

“Al, you’re gonna break it”

“huh? Oh I’m so sorry… Aubrey ARE YOU KIDDING ME (whispering) Stacie has done her assignment?”

“I can’t believe she has!”

“I saw her taking some notes from one creepy guy with specs” (said Chris)

“Wait who?… describe him.”

“Umm, he was as tall as her…curly hair, wears specs….freckles on his face”

“Curtis!” (Aubrey shouted quietly)

“So she hasn’t done her assignment….Curtis has”

“What are you gonna do?”

“What can I do… no ones gonna believe me.”

9: 28 am – “Allison parker, your assignment”

Oh my god what should I do! What should I do! I’m gonna have a panic attack….

“Hey take this! Go quick!” (Chris whispered and handed me over his assignment)

“Wait what, no I can’t take it, it’s yours…no it will make me just like her”

“Allison Parker? Do u have your assignment?”

“Umm…mam- (I got cut off by Chris)

“Ya she has, go Allison don’t be scared” (Chris said it out loud)

9:30 am – I start walking towards her, but all of a sudden bells from heaven start ringing.

“Ahh well its 9:30, and time. So the remaining students will have to show me your assignments tomorrow first thing” And Ms. Swan leaves the class.

I head back and exhale a deep breath.

“Chris! Thank you so much for what you did today. I promise I will complete my assignment today first thing.”

“It’s ok don’t worry. I know you will”

“well I guess I owe you one time now”

9:33 am – Stacie is coming towards me.

“So. AL (she says it in a very annoying manner), be in the gym area at 1 sharp, otherwise get kicked out”

“Oh dont worry Stacie, I’ll be there on time, I dont have a botox that needs constant care” (I’m so proud of myself)

“Whatever… hey Chris! wanna go out and have lunch with us?”

“No I guess I’m just gonna stay” Chris replied.

“Well, hope you dont kill yourself being around so much bore energy…toodles!”

What does she mean by bore energy?????

11:00 am – The three of us are sitting in the cafeteria.

“I dont know whats wrong with Stacie” Chris

“Wait I’ll tell you. She fell on her head when she was 1 and has been like that since then.” -Aubs

“I guess… it’s just such people just annoy me. They radiate repulsive energies.”

“Oh my god why are we even talking about her! There’s so many other things to talk about like why is Anna wearing that ridiculously small top or how am I gonna talk my mom out of getting me into medical tuitions?” – Me

“Oh wait you’re gonna be a doctor?” – Chris

“I dont want to but my moms “best friend” has advised or rather forced me to be one.”-Me

“Thats so cool”

“Wait what?”

“Nah I mean I guess I’ll have someone with me in medical college.”

“Wait you are also aspiring to be a doctor?”

“Neuroscientist. Ya.”



To be continued.

Next chapter on 30/05/17.

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017

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