… Nothing… Whatsoever.

So today’s prompt Buff. Buff…..Buff…Buff…. Nothing. I don’t have a single thing to write on Buff. I googled the word. At first the results that came were – Adults wear Buff, Buff Bandana’s, Buff Headware. I was like what? where’s the meaning. Then I googled – Buff meaning. Ah there were those good results. Still didn’t find anything I could write. Well I guess even … Continue reading … Nothing… Whatsoever.

Dear Diary #5

(So Allison just found out that Chris also wants to join Medical. Read previous here.) “Wow that’s… umm.. great” – Me 11:05 am – Aubrey gets a text message. “What is it?” I asked “Its from Aurora” “whats the sleeping beauty from OUAT doing messaging you?” “lol” “on a serious note, I’m forgetting aurora..? “Its Jane…. My childhood bestfriend from when we lived together in … Continue reading Dear Diary #5