Daily Prompts

… Nothing… Whatsoever.

So today’s prompt Buff. Buff…..Buff…Buff…. Nothing. I don’t have a single thing to write on Buff. I googled the word. At first the results that came were – Adults wear Buff, Buff Bandana’s, Buff Headware. I was like what? where’s the meaning. Then I googled – Buff meaning. Ah there were those good results. Still didn’t find anything I could write.

Well I guess even this ridiculous post is a part of me evolving as a blogger. As I said in one of my previous post… even the most insignificant things have an unforseen outcome. That’s how we become adept in a skill. No one knows what is that one thing that’ll get you there. Often its the thing that no one ever thought of. That’s why just keep doing things coz diamond shines only when its properly buffed.

Have a nice day.

Thank you for patiently ready such a ridiculous post.




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