Dear Diary #6

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8:30 pm – We all are having dinner at my place. Dad’s also home and he joins us.

“So Chris where are you from?” asked my Dad

“We’ve come from Los Angeles, and originally we’re from Tallahassee” – Chris

“Tallahassee? That’s where I’m from.” – Aubs

“So why San Francisco?” – Dad. He has an annoying habit of questioning people as if they are being charged of treason.

“Dad is in government job, so he keeps getting transferred.” – Chris

“Oh what does you dad do?”

“Dad…. Can we eat?” – Me. I was getting embarrassed.

“What? I’m just getting to know the young man”

“Ok we’ve talked a lot now, the lasagna is getting cold.” – Mom. Yay finally mom interferes.

So finally we started having lasagna.

8:50 pm – We’re done with dinner. It’s late and dark outside so dad volunteers to drop Chris and Aubs to their homes.

10:00 pm – I got a notification.

New Group created

Aubs :* added you

Aubs :* added Chris

Hey sweet chinks.

Welcome to our private chat. – Aubrey Reinhart

Lol Aubs, what is this?

This is our private castle.

No one in no one out. – Aubrey Reinhart


Hey – Chirstopher McIntyre

Hello Mr. Christopher

Ah geez, ya that’s my full name.

Pls don’t call me that I hate it – Chirstopher McIntyre

Ok so how does Kristoff sound?

Why not just Chris…. – Chirstopher McIntyre


Uh kay fine – Chirstopher McIntyre

I’m just loving the conversation here – Aubrey Reinhart

Hey Aubs – Chirstopher McIntyre

Aubrey would be fine. Aubs is only for my bae.- Aubrey Reinhart

Oh so sorry, Aubrey. – Chirstopher McIntyre

Lol – Aubrey Reinhart


What…. – Chirstopher McIntyre

It’s okay kristoff, aubs was just joking.

Yea you can call me aubs, chill kayy – Aubrey Reinhart

Lol ok. You just scared me for a moment. – Chirstopher McIntyre

Aubs is badass.

Tell me something I don’t know babe.

Well so what does your dad do chris?

(Reference to bae’s dad) – Aubrey Reinhart

Uh! Really aubs. My dad embarrassed

me enough but now you…

Hahahhaa lol. Don’t worry its ok.

My dad is an aerospace engineer. – Chirstopher McIntyre

Ahh nice. But really I wasn’t asking. – Aubrey Reinhart

You’re really badass dude. – Chirstopher McIntyre

*wipes off a proud tear* – Aubrey Reinhart

This reminded me of dinner, pls tell

Ms parker the lasagna was divine…

I had a pretty big portion. – Chirstopher McIntyre

Aww, thanx I’ll convey this to mom. It’s our family recipe

Thats so cool

Ok I guess I gtg now. Sleep time. – Chirstopher McIntyre

Yea… I’m sleepy as well.


Or embarrassed enough? xD :* – Aubrey Reinhart


Night! – Aubrey Reinhart

Night! – Chirstopher McIntyre

Day 5 –

8:17 am – On the way to school. I’m soooo sleepy.

8:19 am – Oh there’s Aubrey. I approached her and forced her to go to the cafeteria with me.

8:27 am – Drinking coffee.

“Al we’re gonna be late”

“Chill, Just 5 more minutes, I’m almost done.”

8:29 am – I got a text.

Hey where are you guys? Ms. Margaret is almost here. Hurry! – Christopher Mcintyre

Ms. Margaret being our chemistry teacher. She’s supah strict about punctuality. Oh boy we’re so dead….

To be Continued.


Next chapter on 03/06/17.

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017

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