Sibling trouble.

Hey so each one of us has faced one of the major problems of having a sibling. Sharing. Especially food. I mean I’m speaking for myself coz food is <3. Its just such a big decision to make when it comes to dividing food among your own brothers and sisters. Each time I make maggi, or I prepare mocktails, or pasta/lasagna, etc It just so hard. When you’re eating cake, or when you are eating chocolate and someone asks for a bite.

“NO ONE DARE TAKES MY FOOD FROM ME” is me on the inside.

“Yea ok sure” (With a big fake smile) on the outside.

Ugh I just wanna kill that person.

The thing that bugs me the most is when you’re with a group of friends and you ask if anyone wants something, everyone says yes, goes and orders their stuff, but there’s that one friend who’s just sitting and says “Nah its ok I wont have anything” but when I bring in my Barbecue chicken burger, he takes a bite larger than half of a burger.


Trust me I’m not a cynic but when it comes to food, I’m sorry who are you?


#Have a nice day 🙂

#Daily prompt – June


5 thoughts on “Sibling trouble.

  1. Hi. I found your blog through the Community Post. Congratulations on your 3 months posting and 1 month responding to Daily Post words. I respond to a lot of Daily Post words to give me inspiration. It’s actually very helpful in that it often shifts my mind away from the usual stuff I write about.

    Your blog is easy to navigate and has a nice appearance. It looks like you’ve been involved with many things so far (guest posting, different types of posts). I hope the fictional diary works out well. I imagine that could be interesting. I’ve never tried that, myself.

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    1. Hi. Thank you so much for taking time out and checking my blog out. It really means a lot to me. I’m glad you liked the blog.

      Daily Post has really kept me going and also kept me motivated and I’m glad I started it. As a new blogger I was always afraid about what to post but because of it I have an inspiration everyday and it also introduced me to a different side of myself and I’m really happy about it .

      Yes I know I have tried on many different kind of posts. I was really new to blogging and I just wanted to try on different stuff. I hope I didn’t overdo it. If I did please feel free to say. I appreciate helpful criticism.

      Again thank you so much for checking my blog. And I also hope that fictional diary goes far and successful. 😊😊

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