Dear Diary #7

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8:30 am – We are rushing towards the class. Oh all of a sudden how long does the path seem. It only is a corridor and at the end of which is a staircase, go up and turn right and there it is, after 3 rooms, our class…but the way seems endless.

With coffee in my left hand and trying to support my slipping bag strap with my right hand, Aubrey and I are running. Just running.

Oh finally there’s the staircase. Run Aubrey run, we’re so dead. Finally up the staircase. Oh god I’m tired. Wait stop, I need to breathe, My heart is pounding like a boxer punching 100 punches in a minute.

8:32 am – I’m trying to catch my breath. I whisper to Aubrey, “Leave it she might be in class by now, we can’t make it.

Aubrey is an optimist, she went a few steps ahead to peek. And she shouted, “Al, Ms Margaret is standing there talking to someone, we can make it. We can slip in the class before her.

“Are you sure Aubs? I really can’t move, my leg muscles are full with calcium, they can’t move.”

“No comeon Al, you can do it.”

And all of a sudden it felt like god emptied a bottle of adrenaline on me.

I thought it only happened in movies. Idk.

8:33 am – “Hey I really wanna watch Beauty and the Beast, when should we go?” I said to Aubs

“As much as I love that movie, this is a really bad time to discuss about it.” Aubs

“Oh no yea Run!”

We again start running. God I’ve never been scared this much my entire life. We on one side, Ms. Margaret on other end, she closer to class, so we have to run faster than ever.

We’re running. And running and running.

We’re almost there, a drop sweat just fell from behind my ear. My forehead is moist and so is my neck. As soon as we reach close, we stopped running and stealthily just tried to sneak in…..and we succeeded.


Chris saved a seat for us.

8:35 am – Ms. Margaret entered.

“Well I do hope everyone is ready for their mock test. If you are not busy sneaking into the classroom without me knowing it.”

Her devilish eyes staring at us.

I whispered to Aubs, “Everything we studied yesterday is gone, like poof and gone!”

“Its okay don’t worry we’re here, but what makes you think that I remember everything.”

“Guys where the hell were you?” – Chris

“Ms. Parker’s caffeine levels dropped, apparently.” – Aubs

“No, its nothing like that, I was really sleepy I needed caffeine.” – Me

“So I stand un-corrected. Again” – Aubs

9:00 am – Mock test papers were given. Mock test papers? Ms. Margaret must have a lot of free time, what teacher creates an entire formatted paper for a mock test.

“How unsatisfied with life is she?” I whispered.

Aubs giggled, maybe a little too hard. Ms. Margaret turned and gave us killer looks. Not good killer looks but killer killer looks.

9:30 am – Finally it’s done. I have no clue how I did. Well it was just a mock test, who cares. Except my mom. :/


11:00 am – Time for cheerleading practice session. Ms. Paulsen messaged on the group.

Practice session in 5. Gather in the gym area. Be present or be out.

What does she think of herself! Ugh!

11:08 am – Just reached the gym. Chris is practising for basketball and aubs and I, well, getting sucked up.

“Aubrey and Al…. (Ugh I just wanna kill her whenever she says AL!) You both in two different corners. Aubrey go left and Al go right.”

Hesitant but we did as she said, because we don’t wanna give her a chance to mock us again. So might as well just go with her utter silliness.

12:03 pm – We’re finally done. Gathering my stuff as fast as I can so I can just leave.

12:07 pm – In the washroom. Putting on my make-up. Oh did I mention such a big tomboy my best friend is? Yea. She literally washed her face with mouth wash when I secretly put on lipstick on her face.

“Hey aubs, I wanna watch Beauty and the Beast. When should we go?”

“How bout sunday? Chris might as well tag along with us”

“Cools, lemme text him.”

“Aww, how sweet, why dont you change his name to Future Hubs with a :*”


Hey Kristoff meet up in the cafeteria in 5?

“Whats your obsession with fairytale characters?”

“Well I’m currently watching Once upon a time, so I’m quiet impressed by the show”

“How pretty is Elsa right!”

“I know and oh my gawd her dress! I really felt bad for Cora though”

“Uh I know but she’s evil”


“Whatever.. I never liked her.”

“Anyways lets go.”

12:10 pm – Walking out of the washroom but wait can’t. Ms. Stacie walks right in.

“Aww hi girls. Nice practice session today.”

What? Stacie Paulsen is appreciating what we did?

“Aubrey you might just wanna wear some sports bra coz your bouncy bags bounce a lot”

Ahh there she she…..

“Aww you care so much for me Stac hon.”

Wait whats wrong with aubrey?

“What? You’re na gonna get back at me?”

“No because I feel bad for you, I mean atleast I have them, unlike your silicon moulds.”

There’s my Aub! Go Aubrey!

And we just walk away. I’m so proud of my bestie.

12:15 pm – In the cafeteria. I’m narrating the entire incident to Chris.

“Oh my god did you really say that?”

Aubrey grinned and nodded.

“Dude you’re sick man! Wow!”

“Tell me something I don’t already know.”

“That’s really savage dude, hey also what was the hurry, you texted me?”

“Ah yes about that, You, me and Aubs are going to the movies this sunday, keep yourself free.”

“Well ya sounds like a good idea.”

“Hey Al, is that your mom?”

“Where? Wait what? What’s she doing in school? with Ms. Swan!”



(to be continued)


Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017





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