My Hyper-realistic Imagination.

Imagination is such a strange thing. The name says imagine, but sometimes out imaginations goes so far that it almost seems real. This has happened with me so many times! Like this incident happened to me a couple of days ago.

I’m sitting in my room, my mom came in and asked me to get ready. I got ready and we went and next moment we are eating in Jungle Jamboree. The prawns were divine over there we had so much fun. Back home, I changed and went back to sleep. I woke up next morning, came in the kitchen asked for breakfast, and my mom pointed at the lasagna left from yesterday’s dinner. I heat it up in the microwave and started eating. It was after 5 minutes that I started to question, what exactly happened last night. I didn’t go to Jungle Jamboree instead mom made lasagna. It was all my freaking imagination. But how!? I mean I remember the taste of the prawns, I can still feel the atmosphere of the restaurant, how is it my imagination?

This thing often creeps me out coz I feel I live a different life when I’m daydreaming, a life too real to be an imagination.

Talking more about my power of imagination, I have two characters, imaginary, created in my head, and I imagine them doing the things I did the entire day or how things would’ve turned if something would have changed. Those images just seem so real as if I’m living that moment. This is nothing made up but a 100% true thing. The stories that I write, I just picture those imaginary people playing their parts, they dont have faces, I just picture someone I saw recently as them and keep my story going in my mind. I really enjoy it now, but ya how real they just seem creeps me out.

Does this happen with everyone? Do leave your thoughts below.


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8 thoughts on “My Hyper-realistic Imagination.

    1. Thinking yourself as a third person is really cool. I mean you get to see yourself how other see you. Unfortunately I don’t see myself in my day dreams. The two imaginary characters appear in my head in different characters everytime. And you know the strangest part, after I see the two characters in my dreams and wake up the next morning it just feels like I’ve been with them last night, and somehow that seems real and things right in front of me seem dreams. Maybe I’m a little too connected with those two characters. I wonder who they are?

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    2. Yes weirdly so. Their faces are unknown. Its usually someone I might have seen somewhere but don’t seem to recall. Its a guy and a girl. For the past 1 year their faces have remained the same, but I don’t know who they are, I just seem to imagine those same faces.

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