If only you’d say….

“Standing on the railway station

There was some problem in the foundation

of our relation

You said we needed consultation


Sat down waiting there for you

It was already past the curfew

If only I could have a preview

To see how everyday ended with an argue


I loved you till the end of the world

But all this while the real you was concealed

Now it’s all unveiled

That it was me who was all this while fooled


Now a journey waits for me to introduce

I treated you like a princess but it seemed like a truce

Distance was only an excuse

For now I realise how I was used


Love had me so spineless

For I would still stop myself

If only you’d come running to me breathless

And said – “Come back, Lets start Fresh””

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017


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