Guest Post

Silas from The Diary of a Weird Teen Boy

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to present this guest post I did on Linda’s Blog. Do check it out and also check out her amazing blog here at –

Its the best.
Hope you guys enjoyed the answers as much as i enjoyed answering them.
Thank you once again Linda for this opportunity!

Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

It is my honor to introduce you to Silas, also known as Bunny.  His blog, The Diary of a Weird Teen Boy caught my eye because of the crazy title.  It made me laugh so I had to check it out.  You should, too!

Silas is a great blogger, but an even greater person.  His blog covers everything from poetry, photos, short stories, introspective ponderings and so much more.  You will find a lot there if you poke around.  He and I bonded over the love of dogs.  He keeps seven of them!  Once you bond over dogs, you are friends for life!

Please visit his blog here:

Now, let’s get to know Silas a little better!

My Questions to Silas:

1. You are planning a dinner party and want the conversation to be interesting.  Who would be your five guests?  You may choose from anyone living or dead…

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