The Incessant Trouble

We all have faced a number of problems while we were growing up. Some of you are pretty young so you find it hard to deal with them, some are like me in middle who are used to problems because we are at that point in life, the elder ones perhaps are the most experienced ones because they have seem every kind of trouble life has to offer. All these troubles are similar to everyone, in a way. But there is one thing we all have faced and perhaps we all have loathed over them. I’m talking about those filthy pieces of fabric which we dump in our closet once we’re done with school. Yea, uniforms. Today’s daily prompt, gave me the opportunity to write about a thing I’ve hated the most about school life. It felt like a prison. Come in uniforms! And if you miss anything you’ll have to stand outside the principal’s office. Lol.

I mean come on, uniforms? We are not prisoners. It was so unfair and silly. College is so amazing coz you can wear anything. Although I did enjoy my school life, especially last year of school, but ya uniforms sicked me.

Now it’s been a year since I’ve left school. Ironically, I see that uniform in my closet and become nostalgic…..

…after reading what my friends wrote on it, I still hate that hideous piece of fabric.

Come on you thought I was gonna say something philosophical like “I become nostalgic because I shall do anything to have a chance to wear it again.”

or something else.

Lol. No.

I have, and will hate uniforms… for life.


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3 thoughts on “The Incessant Trouble

  1. Silas, you are a fashion designer! Why not take that awful uniform and repurpose it! Create something cool out of it. If you figured out how to do it, I bet you could do it for others…hey, it could be a paying gig!

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