Where In the World Are You? India

What is the Where in the World Are You Tag?

Where in the world is the author of that great blog?  Hopefully, this tag will help answer that question and provide some background info about the locales behind the blogs we love.



A few names of blogs I personally admire:

The Mundane Teenage Life

Ginger Tea Fanatic

Maddy’s Digital Diary

Other than this, you are ALL nominated, everyone reading this is free to do it. Just pingback it to Linda’s blog Everyone Has the Best Titles.  The best part is that it is super quick and easy.

The goal is to get as many blogs involved as possible.  Using the tag WhereIntheWorldAreYou will make it easy to find new blogs from interesting places.

The rules are simple

1. Share your location being as specific as you like.  Just a country is fine.

2. If you wish, give a little info on your locality.  Photos are a plus!

3. If you have a post about where you live, feel free to share the link.

4. Add the tag WhereIntheWorldAreYou

5. Post it to your blog replacing the country name after the title with yours.

That’s it.  Only one question to answer and an optional essay.  Just replace the info in your predecessor’s post with your own and set it free.

Where I found this tag –

I found this incredible tag on Linda@mainepaperpusher’s blog – Everyone Has the Best Titles. She created this incredible tag and its such an amazing opportunity to get to know other fellow bloggers and also find those in your area.

Where am I? –

My name is Silas and I come from Noida. Its a developing city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in India. Noida is a pretty big city with some amazing stuff. It has Asia’s largest mall – DLF Mall of India. The mall also has its own ice world – Ski India. I recently went there with a couple of my friends. Terrestrial areas in India don’t have snowfall, so for us its the nearest place to experience actual snow. Noida is an amazing place, you can enjoy here day to night, any age group. Numerous restaurants offering every existing cuisine in the world. All the leading brands are also available here. Delhi is in very close proximity to Noida.

The weather however is a bit challenging. In may-june-july its extremely hot, dry heat weather so its impossible to step out of an AC room. Similar for winters, January is the coldest but I guess its nothing compared to the snowfall in other areas of world.

Well that’s all. It was really fun doing this.

Keep tagging and keep spreading this!


3 thoughts on “Where In the World Are You? India

    1. Yes. The mall is huge and so is the ski world in it. Not only is there a ski world out there’s a Smaash area full of game zones and more food joints other than a normal food court. And of course then there are numerous cinema’s.

      You know it’s been a year or 2 since it was opened and till now we often get lost inside it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! Our nearest mall is an hour away. I remember when it opened about 30 years ago. Now it is about to close. All of the stores are shutting their doors. Probably because of online shopping. I never thought I would see the day, yet here we are!


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