The Unmoored Wire

Last week I was eating crisps with salsa. After 6-7 pieces, when I took bite of another I found myself chewing on a thin wire like thing. I gulped the remaining crisp, and went straight towards a mirror. I realised I broke one of my brackets in my lower jaw. (6 Months ago I got braces and a month ago I got them on the lower jaw after one tooth extraction).

A bracket is a tiny rectangle shaped thing with 4 hooks and a ridge in the centre. The wire for braces fits in the ridge and a super tiny elastic is put on top of it anchored using the four hooks, basically wire goes through the bracket piece. In the last tooth they attach a metal ring and a different kind of a bracket piece which is cylindrical in shape, where finally wire is attached and is later tightened over there.

In my case, the wire from the last bracket (On my lower jaw) came off and the second last bracket also came off but it was stuck to the wire. It felt like I was trying to eat uncooked sphagetti.  :/. Definitely not a good experience. Well i just took the bracket piece that was stuck in the wire and pulled it out. Now only an open wire end was on the lower jaw. Everytime I tried to talk it felt as if it would pierce through my cheeck.

Anyways, I went to the dentist, she saw and used some very weird plier kind of a thing and put the wire in the last bracket but warned me that it WILL come out again. She walked me through the steps of putting the wire back in the last bracket.

Today I went shopping with my mother where I decided to have some Chole-Kulche, spicy chickpeas with bread, the bread got stuck in the wire and when i pulled it out using my tongue, guess what come out along with it. I had no mirror around and I couldn’t have asked my mom to hold up the phone in selfie mode so I could fix it, coz we were in middle of a humongous crowd. I had walk that way for like 2 hours. Everytime I tried to talk the wire would pierce right in.

After 2 hours mom went inside a Saree shop to buy few for grandmother, there finally I got a mirror and fixed my wire while the creepy salesman stared at me like I’m some crazy fellow counting the number of teeth in a ladieswear shop.

Haha. Lol. I have my appointment with the orthodontist on saturday, finally this problem will be solved.



12 thoughts on “The Unmoored Wire

    1. Its definitely a lot of trouble. Even though my orthodontist was like, “No non veg, no cheese, burger, pizza, taco, no junk food at all. After 2 days of getting them, guess what I did? I ate the biggest burger in burger king. Haha!

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    1. It does! Especially when I get them tightened every month, the first week is like hercules has gripped my jaws so hard, its sensationless but even a touch of feather stings.


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