Stood the Mighty Arch…

During the last module of my foundation year, we were divided into groups and given an area for research where later we had to propose a design intervention. My group was assigned India Gate.

For those oblivious, read about India Gate here: -http://www.culturalindia.net/monuments/india-gate.html

It was indeed a great experience, reflecting upon that, I wrote a few lines in honor of the majestic Triumphal Arch

“Laying the foundation in 1921

A bittersweet moment for everyone

To commemorate the lives

Lost in world war 1

A decade has passed

The majestic gate is ready at last

Covering an area vast

Inaugrated by Lord Irwin

Bringing out the patriotism within

The gate stood

Lofty with a triumphal arch

With thousand of names 

Engraved with cachet

Along with name of one female

Under it was the tomb

With an eternal flame

Burning day and night

An august creation of

Sir Edwin landseer lutyens.

Its a reminder of the

Sacrifice, bravery, heroism, courage

Because of whom

We stand united

As a proud democracy.”

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017



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