Surfaces #2

Well a few weeks ago I shared my first post on the theme Surfaces. I posted about various random stuff captured in a way that it can represent a surface. This series of surfaces is a little different than usual as you will see how I capture totally random stuff as surfaces.

Whats a surface according to me?

Any picture which has captured a strange texture/view, of a very normal thing and/or fascinates me. I have an abstract view for surfaces.

In my recent trip to the queen of hills – Mussoorie, I found some strange things which I’ve captured as surfaces. Hope you enjoy them.

If you have some surfaces than fascinate you, do ping here and I would love to see them.

A few of these are also my entries for this weeks photo challenge – order.

Oh also this is my 100th post.

1 IMG20170513205152
These are not some random scribbles, these are human forms in action. 
2 IMG20170513205221
Photo Challenge 1
3 IMG_4739
Photo Challenge 2
4 IMG_4932
A surface with light and shadows and in the centre the mediator. 
5 IMG_4733 (2)
I love the curves in this. Photo Challenge 3
6 IMG_5043 (2)
These are my own hair, the gradiation of plum color to jet black is really fascinating.

All Image Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017 


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